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Solarpac Series
Unleash the energy of the sun with the Clear Blue Hawaii Solarpac. With a combination of lightweight modular bag designs and cutting edge technology, it has never been easier to take your digital devices with you to the next stage of your adventure. The Solarpac offers an entire series of designs; from the understated laptop case to more active backpacks, the entire range is developed around every conceivable journey.

Featuring a lightweight, weather proof and flexible solar panel that can be interchanged between bag modules, gives Solarpac users the choice of harnessing the phenomenal power of sunlight. Derived from military origins, the revolutionary CIGS technology is so robust that if a bullet were to pass through the panel, it would still work by drawing power from surrounding cells. A variety of optional accessories including additional solar panels and high capacity batteries add extra utility to the Solarpac range.

From PDA's, iPods and cell phones to satellite radios and portable DVD players, never worry about the words 'Battery Low' again. With a bag style for everyone, experience the freedom of knowing that whichever mountain you climb or city you walk across, you can power your electronic items every step of the way.
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