If you’re interested in clear bottom kayaks, you’ll undoubtedly already know that kayak is great fun in many ways. Not only is it a great way to get some exercise and to get out into the fresh air, it’s an ideal means of getting to places that you might never have been able to before. 

Kayaks are very multi-purpose too – as well as being used solely as a means of transport or for exercise, they can also be optimized for activities such as fishing. In this guide, we’re going to have a look at a more niche area of kayaks – clear bottom kayaks!

Clear bottom kayaks are relatively self-explanatory, they’re see through. Whilst you mind wonder why you’d want to be able to see through the bottom of your kayak, well, why would you not want to! Most particularly in clearer waters, a see through kayak will allow you to see sub-surface happenings that you would never have been able to before.

There’s always some great sites to see above the water while kayaking, but there is below too! Why not allow yourself to have a true full view of everything that’s happening and become immersed in nature? Paddling in a kayak that’s transparent will let you see underwater life too, as well as reefs and the rest of what the sea bed has to offer. If you’re a marine enthusiast, you’d definitely fall in love with a clear bottom kayak. 

Crystal Kayak Explorer – Clear Bottom Kayak Review

The Crystal Kayak Explorer is the ultimate clear bottom kayak. This is because it isn’t only a clear bottom kayak, it’s an absolutely transparent boat in every single way. If you look down, you’ll be able to see under the water. If you look down and to the side, you’ll see the surface of the water through the side of the boat. Not only do yo get to see an awful lot more of what’s happening below you in the Crystal Kayak Explorer, you’re able to feel well and truly immersed in the water – but without the cold!

In terms of functionality, the Crystal Kayak Explorer is far from useless. Just because it’s see through doesn’t mean that it can’t be used functionally as well! It’s a tandem kayak, meaning that it’s fitted with two seats – both you and whoever you choose to take along with you can enjoy the immersive experience that this fully transparent Crystal Kayak has to offer. 

For the ultimate clarity, the Explorer is made from a high-quality polycarbonate material, that makes seeing through it and down into the water very easy indeed. To guard against the boat become stained and not able to be seen through well, it’s highly protected against UV rays with a 40 micron protection. The boat is very lightweight too, since it’s made of polycarbonate and aluminium –  two very lightweight materials. Aluminium could normally susceptible to rusting/corrosion if used in the sea. This Crystal Kayak’s frame has been coated to make sure this doesn’t happen – you’ve got all of the advantages of aluminium without the added disadvantages. 

In terms of usage, the Crystal Kayak Explorer is very versatile. It’s well-built and lightweight. It’s suitable for use on different water types, and will excel in different water types including calm and slightly choppy waters. However, we would definitely recommend using the Crystal Kayak Explorer on as calm water as you can find – we think it makes for the absolute best experience in terms of what you will be able to see below the water. If you’re riding in choppy waters, your view of what’s below you could become more distorted. 

Key Features

  • Length: 11’1”
  • Width: 33.5”
  • Max Load Capacity: 425 pounds
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Constructed from high-quality lexan for high clarity and durability
  • Completely transparent – this kayak is 100% see-through. The sides are transparent as well as the bottom of the boat
  • Anodized – the Crystal Kayak Explorer has been coated to prevent against corrosion, meaning it can be used in all types of water (salt/fresh) without the worry of rusting
  • Ample storage – unlike a lot of other kayaks there’s no bungees on this boat, but there’s plenty of room to either end of the boat to store a bag or similar

Crystal Kayak The Vision Board – Inflatable Clear Bottom Paddleboard

The Crystal Kayak Vision Board  is slightly different to the Explorer. In fact, it’s very different indeed – you stand on it! 

The Crystal Kayak Vision Board is inflatable as well as transparent, meaning that it’s great for packing away quickly into the trunk of your car and getting out quickly to get on the water.

Whilst the entire paddleboard is not transparent, there’s a good-sized clear window that allows you to see down into the water, and what’s beneath you as you’re paddling along. This board is even fitted with an underwater light to help you better see what’s happening – particularly useful when daylight is low. 

One of the main points that a lot of paddlers don’t like about paddleboards is there lack of storage space, or often no storage space at all. The Crystal Kayak Vision Board, however, has a small compartment that you can store those essentials that you might need whilst out on the water. 

Key Features

  • Inflatable paddle board -the Vision Board can be easily packed away into the trunk of your car quickly after use – just remember to make sure it’s dry!
  • Viewing Window – whilst your paddling, you can look down and sea what’s happening in the water below you
  • Durable – uses extremely durable PVC to guard against punctures and damage
  • It comes with everything you need to get started right away – included in the box is a powerful pump as well as a carry-bag and paddle