If you are after a kayak which is value for money while also being relatively inexpensive then look no further than Lifetime’s Emotion Spitfire 9 kayak. Whether you a mom or dad looking to purchase your kid their first yak or potentially an older individual who wishes to own their first. Then the Spitfire 9 will definitely live up to your expectations.

We understand the issues that surround the world currently in terms of consumers have less money to fork out on luxury goods and services. But for those stuck on that side of the coin, the folks at Lifetime have the perfect option to satisfy those individuals.

The Lifetime Emotion Spitfire 9 is a lightweight all-round kayak which although it does not cost a lot you do certainly get value for money.

As someone who has always wished to own a kayak but refuses to pay any more than 200 dollars this is definitely an option I would go for in terms of my own purchases.

Thus, if you wish to learn more about the Spitfire 9 and whether or not it is a suitable option in terms of fulfilling your kayak criteria then please scroll down and read our in-depth review.


Specifications of the Lifetime Emotion Spitfire 9

Length: 9 feet

Width: 31 inches

Weight: 45 pounds

Weight Capacity: 350 pounds

Users: Single

Type of Kayak: All-round recreational


Overview of the Lifetime Emotion Spitfire 9

For such an inexpensive and cheap kayak, the emotion spitfire 9 does live up to the expectations of any boat produced and manufactured by the team at Lifetime.

For a 9 foot sit-on-top kayak the Emotion Spitfire packs a real punch in terms of speed and maneuverability. The small length provides users with tight turns and re-alignment of the route while on the water.

However, we wish to point out that this kayak is designed to be capable of handling itself on lakes and slow-moving rivers for which it performs exceptionally. But, we are less confident when it comes to that of sea kayaking as on rough waters, it is slow and turns are arduous and difficult.

Thus, on flat water, the kayak performs better than most cheap recreational kayaks as it glides well with good speed all while tracking surprisingly fine.



Design Of The Lifetime Emotion Spitfire 9 kayak

Though, the kayak is built by Lifetime which is a manufacturer that provides itself on the durability of its hulls. And with regards to the Emotion Spitfire 9 nothing has changed on this front. Lifetime has gone for a UV protected polyethylene hull which is high-density. Having a hull built in this way means only one thing.

It will last. As such, lifetime offers a lifetime warranty on the hull in cases where the manufacturing processes have failed. But overall the polyethylene hulls do hold up really well as on collision they will disperse the energy around the kayak to prevent fractures and holes in the hull. This one of the reasons why polyethylene is the perfect material for all kayaks due to its durable and lightweight properties


Advantages Of The Lifetime Emotion Spitfire 9

  • Lightweight materials used
  • Easy to transport due to the length of the kayak
  • The seat provides the user with great posture and back support
  • The storage spaces are well received
  • Stability on such a small kayak is a surprise
  • Camlock-hatch for waterproof storage
  • Bungee mesh for securing cargo


Disadvantages Of The Emotion Spitfire 9

  • Molded foot braces
  • Larger individuals may find it uncomfortable
  • Side carry handles are needed
  • Skid plate would be a welcome addition


Main Features of The Lifetime Emotion Spitfire 9

For such an inexpensive kayak the Lifetime Emotion Spitfire 9 does have a lot to offer in terms of features. Starting with built in seat. Although, many kayaks tend to avoid molded seats this is surprisingly comfortable and provides enough cushion on the bottom of the user. All while the back support gives off an ergonomic design to which it helps the user in terms of endurance while out on the water. The back support is partially adjustable and does collapse to help when transport to and from the site.

The only down side in terms of the seat is the foot braces. These are not adjustable and are instead molded. This means when wet you tend to lose grip quite easily on them resulting in the user slipping down in the seat. But all overall the seated experience on the Lifetime Emotion Spitfire 9 is great and you just need to bear in mind the cost at which the kayak is being sold at.


Storage Features of the Lifetime Emotion Spitfire 9

The Spitfire is a great kayak in terms of storage space when compared to other brands. The Spitfire offers a  host of storage areas with the first being located at the bow of the kayak. This is a small well in which fishing tackle or a small bag could be stored. Anything which is stored here will be secured by means of bungee mesh tie-downs which prevent loss if or when the kayak capsizes.

The second storage location is found just in front of the seat. This is a secure Camlock hatch which is a surprisingly big area. It also benefits from being waterproof as the lid does have a rubberized seal surrounding it. The area is perfect for those electrical devices you need to keep safe and away from water but still need regular access to while out on the water.

Finally, the Emotion Spitfire 9, has a massive tank well located at the back of the kayak, ideal for those who wish to bring a cooler or a substantial amount of fishing gear with them. This area will handle most loads that you through at it due to its adaptable space thanks to the bungee tie downs.

The area also features scupper holes to drain water out of the area when it does eventually start to fill up.


Summing It Up

Overall, this kayak is a strong showing from the folks at Lifetime in which they have designed a great all-round kayak that is suitable for both beginners and veterans alike. The vast amount of features that this kayak has alongside the performance of the boat itself sets it head and shoulders above it competition as a result.