After you’ve spent money on your new kayak, the last thing you want is for it to be subject to weather damage whilst in storage. Of course, storing your kayak indoors is always the best option for ultimate protection. However for the majority of people, this isn’t always possible.

Whilst you might think winter weather is the only conditions that your kayak can benefit from protection from, summer can also be just as damaging to your kayak, if not more so. UV rays from the sun can cause the weakening and fading of your kayak’s material. A good cover will prevent this, lengthening the life of your kayak considerably.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the various different benefits that a good kayak cover can provide, as well as the various types and variations of kayak covers that are available for different kayak types/styles.

We have also included a buying guide, with reviews on the best kayak covers that you should consider purchasing today, including a run-down of their features and key points.


Why Should You Invest In A Kayak Cover?

First and foremost, the money that you would pay for a kayak cover in minuscule in comparison to what you will most likely have paid out for your kayak. For this tiny amount of money in comparison, you’re getting a huge amount of protection and a kayak that’s always going to look and perform far better than one sitting outside without cover.

Even if you don’t keep your kayak outside but in a garage or workshop, a cover is a great addition to have as it will keep your boat protected from dirt, dust, and debris. On the other hand, if you keep your kayak stored outdoors, it is absolutely essential that your kayak is properly protected with a good cover.

A good cover can be of great service to your kayak not only whilst it’s in storage, but also in transit. When you’re loading your kayak onto trailers, car roofs or into the backs of vans, it’s inevitable that it will bump against other articles or other boats, causing marring or damage. A kayak cover can provide a little extra protection against that unsightly surface damage that’s easily caused whilst your boat’s in transport.

One of the key points to remember when using a cover for your kayak, in any circumstances, is to ensure that your boat is completely dry before putting a cover over it for a long time. Due to a cover being quite restrictive in terms of airflow, mould and dampness growth could be facilitated.

Another great tip if you’re storing your covered kayak outside is to make sure that the cover is pulled taught over the top of your boat. This will help avoid large pools of water building on top of your cover and causing potential damage to it/compromising its effectiveness.


The Best Kayak Covers

GYMTOP Waterproof Kayak Cover 7.8-18ft – UV-Resistant Waterproof Cover For Kayaks

In terms of protection against damaging rays from the sun, this Gymtop model excels. The material is reflective meaning that the sun’s rays cannot penetrate, and is also waterproof. The material that the cover’s made of is Oxford Taffeta, which is known for having great feel and durability.

The Gymptop cover comes available in a variety of sizes, being suitable for kayaks anywhere from 7.8 feet to 18 feet in length. You can be sure of a tight fir onto your boat too, with the cover featuring a draw string around the seam. The cover is quick and easy to get onto your boat.

Key Points

  • Easy to store away when not on your kayak – comes supplied with a bag for easy storage and transport
  • Suitable for a large variety of kayak sizes
  • Quick and easy to get onto your boat
  • Excellent level of protection, with a great feeling of quality and durability
  • Reflective and so protects against UV ray damage


Richermall Kayak Cover – Cheap Kayak Cover

This excellent Richermall kayak cover is one of the most popular and most cost-effective kayak storage protection solutions on the market.

First off, it’s material is made from polyester which is both reflective of UV rays and waterproof. It’s great at keeping your kayak dry, and free of fading or weakening from the sun’s rays.

This Richermall cover is extremely easy to take on and off of your kayak. Featuring an elastic  drawstring at the bottom, fitting it to your boat and getting a tight fit is done with ease. Thank to such a tight fit around the bottom of your boat, in addition to keeping the elements out, this cover is also perfect for keeping dust, debris, insects, and smaller particles away from your boat.

Key Points

  • Quick and easy to get on and off of your kayak
  • UV-Reflective and waterproof polyester
  • Durable
  • Packs away neatly into a bag


Wilderness Systems Kayak Cover – Tough Kayak Cover

Wilderness Systems are well-known for both quality and durability. This universal kayak cover is highly durable and resistant to water and damaging UV rays. To ensure maximum protection against the sun, this Wilderness Systems cover has been tried and tested to be protectant against more than 500 hours of UV.

One of the main points that we love about this cover is the way that the mid-deck is designed. In order to accommodate seating so that it doesn’t need to be removed during storage, the fabric in the middle can be adjusted in height and size.

The seam of the cover features an elasticated bungee-like design that makes getting a snug fit no problem, and quick. The cover also features hull straps that help to keep your cover in place and secure on top of your boat, once it’s in transit.

Key Points

  • Available in a range of sizes to accommodate kayaks from 9-15 feet in length
  • Resistant to water and UV rays
  • Extreme durability thanks to marine grade polyester
  • Elasticated hem which makes getting a snug fit easy
  • Hull straps included to keep the cover secure when your kaya’s in transit


Maymii – Great Looking Durable Kayak Cover

This Maymii kayak cover is one of the best looking covers on the market, in our opinion. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, this cover offers someone that’s sure to please all types of kayaker. However, great looks aren’t the only thing that this cover has going for it!

Constructed from highly durable 210D Oxford Taffeta, this cover is perfect for protection against harsh sunlight and rain. The material has a great feel, and is also resistant to dust. Much like most of the other covers that we’ve reviewed, this Maymii can be used to protect a variety of things, not just your kayak. It’s perfect for smaller boats, canoes, paddle boards and surf boards too.

This cover features an elasticated drawstring that makes getting it on and off of your boat very easy. It’s also great for ensuring a tight fit that’ll keep dust and water away from your kayak when it’s not in use.

Key Points

  • Extremely durable with a great feel thanks to 210D Oxford Taffeta
  • Elastic drawstring
  • Great protection from sun and water
  • Available in a range of sizes from 9-18ft


Classic Accessories StormPro – Kayak Storage Bag

The StormPro from Classic Accessories is a little different to the rest of the kayak covers in our guide. It’s not just a cover for your kayak, but instead a full protective enslocusre that’s perfect for keeping every inch of your kayak protected from dust, dirt, and the elements, whether inside or outside.

The Classic Accessories StormPro offers quite a universal fit. It’s available in two sizes – the first designed to accommodate kayaks that are 12 feet in length or less, and the second to accommodate kayaks that are between 12 and 16 feet in length.

Once your kayak’s inside the cover, there’s also extra space that you can tuck in accessories to, such as your paddle, boat accessories, life ring etc.

The StormPro’s fabric is extremely hardwearing 600D polyester that’s coated to make sure that it offers the ultimate in UV and water resistance too.

Key Points

  • Available in 2 sizes, accommodating kayaks up to 12’ and 16’ long
  • Great water and UV resistance thanks to durable, coat 600D polyester
  • Full enclosure, offering complete protection for your kayak
  • Extra room for accessories that you might want to store in with your boat


Danuu Deluxe Kayak Cover – High End Kayak Storage Bag

Without doubt, the Danii Kayak Cover is one of the most luxurious covers available for your boat. The Danuu cover is available in a variety of sizes from 9 to 26 feet in length, so you can be sure that you’re going to be catered to.

Whilst being light in weight, this Danuu storage bag is still extremely durable and perfect for protecting your boat from debris, UV and water damage. It’s perfect for keeping your kayak covered when in a garage or similar too – being a storage bag, the whole boat is covered and protected from anything in the air.

To further durability, the seams of the bag are double stitched and also reinforced. The storage bag also comes with straps to make sure the cover is secure, as well as a bag for storing the cover when it’s not in use.

Key Points

  • UV and water-resistant polyester
  • Fully encloses your kayak for the ultimate protection
  • Durable
  • Snug fit ensured by drawstring and straps
  • Storage bag included


Key Points To Look For In A Kayak Cover

Material/General Durability

The material that your kayak cover is made of is what will have the biggest influence on how effective and how durable it is. You should look for material that boasts excellent water-resistance, as well as one that’s not going to tear easily as a result of sharp or rough edges. 

It’s also a good idea to look for a cover that has double stitched and reinforced seams. This further increases how waterproof the cover is, as well as overall durability. How waterproof a kayak cover will be after a few months of use is dependent on the material, too. Keep an eye out for durable polyesters, as well as materials like Oxford Taffeta (seen on the GYMPTOP and Maymii covers that we have reviewed). 

UV Resistance

A good level of UV protection is extremely important. If you were to leave your kayak out in the sun whilst not in use unprotected, you’d find that the sun’s damaging UV rays would be quick to fade the look of your kayak, as well as potentially even weaken its construction.

You should be sure that the cover you’re considering is UV resistant, so that your kayak is kept in the best condition possible.

A Good Fit

An excellent fit is an essential factor. Whilst you might think that the top of your boat just needs to be covered, this won’t do nearly as much to protect it from dust, dirt and insects as a full enclosure or a snug fit around the bottom of the boat would

Before covering your kayak up, it’s important to make sure that it’s completely dry. This will ensure that no moisture is trapped under the cover of your kayak, which can cause the growth and development of mould. This is especially true for kayak covers that are fully enclosed.



We hope that our guide to the best kayak covers has been informative and given you a better idea of the benefits that a high-quality kayak cover can offer to your boat. We’ve got many other buyer guide just like this one, covering a range of kayak products and advice. Check them out from our home page here!