Whether you’re taking a kayaking trip in America, Europe, or anywhere else in the world. It’s likely that you’re going to encounter some incredible sights and scenery on your travels across the water. Recording your trip on a GoPro is the perfect way to reflect on and remember these amazing experiences.

Using GoPro’s on your kayak is getting more and more popular all of the time. There’s a tonne of different option available if you’d like to get your GoPro mounted in a fixed position on your to get the very best shots.


A Few Key Points To Look For In A GoPro Mount For Kayaking


Perhaps the most obvious point about any GoPro mount for kayaking – it’s essential that it’s resistant to water. Whilst buying any old regular mount that isn’t will probably serve you just fine for two or three trips, that’s about all you’ll get from it until it’s rusted and unusable. Going cheap on a non-water-resistant mount is a false economy.

A Good Mounting System

When it comes to kayaking, a good kayak mount is extremely important. Whilst the majority of GoPro cameras are indeed waterproof to a certain depth, dropping it in the water and having to dive in after it is not really what you want. A good mounting system will help ensure that the camera stays firmly grounded to your boat.

GoPro mounts for kayaks come in different variations. Some are fairly simple and have a suction cup on the bottom, allowing them to easily cling onto your kayak. Others work on a gear track mounting system. Whilst a gear track system can be more timely and more costly to install, they are able to almost guarantee the safety of whatever you have attached to them.

Compatible Between Your Camera/Rack

Compatibility with your boat is rarely going to be an issue – the exterior design of kayaks are all very similar and mounts/gear tracks are designed to accommodate them perfectly. The main compatibility issues you should be aware of are those that could occur between your camera and mount. If you’re buying a mount for a GoPro, for example, the mount will state whether it is compatible with GoPro.


Best GoPro Mount For Kayak

RAILBLAZA Camera Boom 600 R-Lock – Best Premium Kayak GoPro Mount

The RAILBLAZA Camera Boom 600 is without shadow of a doubt, one of the best kayak GoPro mounts available. Featuring an effective R-Lock and extendable arm, the RAILBLAZA allows you to have your camera in position at 30”above your boat’s level.

In addition to being able to be positioned high in the air to get the absolute best frames on your camera, this mount allows you to have your camera locked into five different positions when it’s up in the air too. Thanks to the R-Lock friction joints, it’s very easy to tighten and loosen the arm in line with the position that you want it to be in.

It should be noted, however, that a mount does not come supplied as standard with this Camera Boom 600 arm. The arm is compatible with all Railblaza mounts.

Key Points

  • Allows you to have your camera positioned up to 30” higher than your boat
  • Great for getting the very best position for the best shots and frames on your camera
  • Lightweight
  • R-Lock system is easy to use and locks into five different positions


BroCraft Portable Kayak Camera Mount –GoPro Kayak Mount

The Brocraft Portable Kayak Mount is one of the best mounts to go for if you’re looking for something that’s extremely durable, as well as adjustable. Thanks to it being able to support a large variety of other camera types as well as GoPro, it’s very versatile too. Whether you have a GoPro or any other sports recording camera, the BroCraft portable kayak mount is likely going to be able to support it.

The mount is adjustable too, meaning it can be extended up to a length of 9”. Whilst this might not seem like much, it really makes a considerable difference and opens up the number of possibilities for different angles of shots that you can take. The mount is great for helping you capture shots close to the water/the top of your boat, as well as some slightly higher up angles, such as scenery closer to eye level.

Key Points

  • Can support normal recording cameras as well as GoPro well
  • Comes with an extendable arm that’s great for helping capture a variety of different shots
  • Amazing level of adjustability – the arm is adjustable in just about every way that you can think of
  • Hard-wearing and durable design thanks to stainless steel hardware additions
  • Suitable for mounting on a variety of different areas of your boat


GoPro Official Suction Mount

Whilst aftermarket products are absolutely fantastic and often offer a lot of advantages over those that are made by the original manufacturer, some people just prefer to have all product accessories made by the same manufacturer, for a variety of reasons.

With the GoPro Official Suction Mount, you really can’t go wrong. To start with, it is extremely easy to fix onto your kayak. It’s also easy to remove and can be used when taking part in a massive variety of different sports. Whether your kayaking or skiing, the GoPro Suction Mount is almost certain to come into its own.

It has also been proven to be capable of staying on at speeds of 150 mph, it has an incredible level of industrial strength. To make things even more flexible, this official GoPro mount is able to support any GoPro camera – particularly useful if you have a variety of GoPro products and don’t want to have to purchase multiple mounts.

Key Points

  • Trustworthy being made by GoPro
  • Extremely strong
  • Features adjustable arms
  • Versatile
  • Comes supplied with a quick release and a carry bag for convenience when not in use