There’s no doubt that modern kayaks that are available today are extremely well kitted-out with a variety of features, some more advanced than others. Regardless, the vast majority of kayaks are well equipped with at least all of the basic features that the average kayaker would hope to find on their boat.

However, one model of kayak is exactly the same as another of the same model. A bit of customisation or some extra mods can make your kayak a lot more personal, and a lot more catered to what you want to gain from your boat.

One of the most common reasons for kayak modification is fishing. Fisherman can make a range of modifications to their kayak to make their fishing experience better. Even if not a fisherman, modifications can improve your kayaking experience in a number of ways. The options for kayak modification is really pretty big, which can make choice tricky.


Some of The Best Kayak Accessories

Gradient Fitness Marine Anchor – 3.5 lbs Folding Kayak Anchor

When you’re out on the water, it’s likely that you’ll want to take a rest and stop for a while. Whilst you could move into the side of the water and pull your boat ashore, this isn’t always ideal if you’re out fishing.

When fishing, stopping in one position in the middle of the water can allow you to cast to the same places all the time, and as a result track where you have cast your line to and where you haven’t. Whilst you could simply stop paddling, the water will move your kayak around if you’re not anchored in some way.

A folding anchor is the perfect solution to this. Whilst a regular anchor will do the same job, space on board kayaks can be restricted, as you’ll most likely know. A folding anchor that can pack away almost flat in a storage compartment such as the Gradient Fitness Marine Anchor is going to save you a lot more space than you think.

At 3.5lbs in weight with 4 flukes, this little anchor will be able to keep your boat in the same position. Once folded, the anchor packs away into a bag which is ideal for storage. Being marine grade, the Marine Anchor is resistant to corrosion. It also conveniently comes with 25 feet of marine grade rope, making retrieval from the bottom of the water easy.

Key Points

  • Helps to keep your boat from moving when in the water
  • Ideal if you want to stop in the middle of the water for fishing
  • Anchor folds, so can be stored away on board your kayak without taking up too much space
  • Marine-grade rope


Adjustable Kayak Rod Holder – Fishing Kayak Mod

A rod holder is a great accessory for any kayaking fisherman, presenting a wealth of advantages to the user.

The main advantage of this rod holder is that it is both adjustable and it rotates. Thanks to its adjustability, the rod holder can accommodate different sizes of fishing rod. The rotating feature means that it can be moved to whichever direction you are fishing in, with 360 degree rotation.

Being constructed from high-quality nylon, the rod rest is durable and will last a good amount of time. You won’t have to spend a huge amount of time installing and preparing this rod rest for use on your boat either – another one of the main advantages. It features a simple attachment with 4 screws.

Key Points

  • Fully rotatable and easy to positon the rod in whichever direction you would like
  • Allows for handsfree fishing
  • High-quality nylon construction


Elephant B095 Battery Box – Waterproof Battery Enclosure

There’s a lot of extras that you might take onto or have installed on your kayak. The most common include front lighting, fish finders, and pumps. All of these, of course, require a power source to operate.

When you’re out on the water, a lithium battery is one of the best portable options to take this power with you. However, electricity and water are not a good combination if mixed together, at all. To ensure your safety, you should make sure that any battery that you take out on your kayak is completely waterproof, and therefore safe.

The Elephant B095 is the perfect way to ensure that your lithium battery is kept dry. The B095 is designed to accommodate 12v-7/9AH batteries. You should be aware that no lithium battery is included in the Elephant B095 waterproof box.

There’s no need to be worried about the battery connectors on this case either. Even when open, the connectors are waterproofed to IP68 marine grade.

Once you’ve fitted a battery inside the B095, it can be used to keep anything on board your boat powered up that’s within the correct power ratings. If you’ve got a fish finer, satellite navigation system, lights, or anything similar, you can rely on the Elephant Waterproofing to keep your battery safe and your devices powered up.

Key Points

  • Great for keeping your battery safe
  • Marine-grade waterproofing


Mythick Lures Drift Master – Kayak Drift Sock

If you’re out on the water and the weather isn’t completely calm, it’s quite easy for the wind to move you along quicker than you would like. Especially more applicable when the wind gets extremely high, a good drift sock such as this Mythick Drift Master will help you to keep your kayak under control.

This Mythick Lures Drift Master kit comes supplied with everything you need to get your drift sock into the water, and your kayak down to a speed that you want. In addition to being helpful in windier conditions, this kayak drift sock is perfect for keeping you closer to staying in the same position when you’re battling against underwater currents. Particularly useful when fishing.

This drift sock comes with a 16-foot long rope attached that’s marine grade. It’s easy to get back onboard from being out in the water, being easily drained one being at the side of the boat thanks to the collapsing strap toggle.

The main thing we love about the Mythick Lures Drift Master is that it allows you to control your speed and position with much greater precision, even in windier, harsher weather conditions.

Key Points

  • Control your speed and direction with greater ease
  • Easy to drain thanks to large collapsing strap
  • Perfect for fishing
  • Helpful in currents and adverse weather conditions
  • Included with a floating anchor harness rope


Outriggers/Stabilizers – Brocraft Stabilizing Kayak Outrigger System

Outriggers or a kayak stabilizer system could be extremely beneficial to you, regardless of what type of kayak you have/what style it is. It’s a common belief that outriggers are helpful only to those with a narrow kayak. Of course, travelling over waters with a narrow kayak and increased weight is going to be more difficult than with a wider boat, but, outriggers can serve extreme benefits to all type of kayaker.

If you’re a fisherman and enjoy fishing from your kayak, you’ll be aware that you’ll be standing up regularly, and possibly taking a little more than average equipment. This added weight as well as moving around/standing up on your kayak can place a great deal of strain on the overall stability of your boat.

To combat instability, kayak outriggers take the uneven weight and distribute across more surface area of the water using pontoons – either solid or inflatable. Ultimately, a good stabilizer system takes the chance of capsizing your boat down considerably.

The Brocraft Kayak Outriggers feature long 32” arms out to the pontoons, which are constructed from a combination of steel and aluminium, and are therefore durable yet lightweight. The pontoons on the Brocraft are also solid, making them very durable and of course, damage from puncture impossible.

Key Points

  • Your kayak’s stability increased considerably
  • Extremely durable
  • 32” in length so don’t get in the way of paddling
  • 2-year warranty period
  • If you’re interested in finding out more on kayak outriggers and what they have to offer, check out our buyers guide to them here!



A More Comfortable Seat – Surf to Summit GTS Expedition

A more comfortable seat is a great upgrade for obvious reasons. When you’re out on the water, you probably spend a fair amount of time in your kayak without a break to stand up. This can place quite a strain on your upper and lower back – relieving this strain to some extent can be done with a more comfortable seat.

Seats fitted into kayaks as standard aren’t always the most comfortable. However, there’s a wealth of opportunity for aftermarket kayak seating to ensure that every paddle is as comfortable as possible.

This GTS Expedition seat is one of the most comfortable aftermarket kayak seats out today. It’s well-padded, and easy to fit into your boat. The seat is resistant to harsh weather conditions, and features channels which allow water to run off easily.

Key Points

  • A great upgrade to your kayak for more comfortable travel
  • Lightweight at just 2.7 lbs
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to fit to your kayak
  • We’ve also got a comprehensive buying guide to some of the best kayak seats, have a look here if you’re interested!


Kayak Pad Eyes – Fishing Kayak Mod

Kayak pad eyes are a great modification. They are both inexpensive and extremely useful. Great for attaching additional items and accessories to your boat, kayak pad eyes can never be over-purchased.

Once fixed onto your boat, pad eyes can be used to fasten loose articles to your boat that you don’t want to lose If you get into some rough waters, kayak pad eyes can help hold onto your paddle, as well as other extras such as rods and bags.

Key Points

  • Great for securing loose items to your boat
  • Inexpensive
  • A key accessory for all kayakers