Let’s take a look at kayak paddle drip rings. In this short article, we’re going to take a look at what makes kayak paddle drip rings so useful, and the main purpose that they serve. Kayak drip rings are a term that’s often thrown around in the world of kayaking and arguably water sports as a whole.

What are Kayak Paddle Drip Rings?

Kayak paddle drip rings are small rubber rings that are attached to the ends of you paddle pole, right next to the bottom of the paddle. Their purpose is to catch the water that runs off of the paddle when it comes out of the water.

If you don’t have paddle rings fitted on you paddle, you’ve probably noticed that your hands and your legs have got wet from water running off of your paddle. As well as being annoying, it can become very uncomfortable if you end up soaked.

When Do You Need Paddle Rings?

Whether you need or don’t need paddle rings is purely subjective. A lot of factors can help determine whether you need kayak paddle rings, and also how effective they will be for you.

Your Paddling Technique

Depending on your paddling technique, paddle drip rings may serve you well or may not be of all that much use. The stroke style of your paddling is largely what will affect whether or not you get wet. If you keep a low stroke and don’t lift your paddle that far out the water, then it’s likely that they won’t make too much difference, as you’re probably not getting wet already.

However, if your stroke is high, you’ve probably noticed more run off from your paddle and resultantly have ended up with water running down onto you. Not ideal. This can quickly become very boring and very uncomfortable. In summer it might not be so major a problem, but if you’re out on your boat in say the middle of winter, you’re really going to want to avoid getting water on you where possible for obvious reasons.


The Positioning Of The Paddle Rings

How paddle rings are used and positioned as well as their overall effectiveness is very much argued. Many kayakers think that they’re great and very useful, whilst others argue that they are an unnecessary extra, in that they cause a greater splash in the water and for more water to be tipped onto the pole of the paddle than having none there at all.

A lot of how effective paddle rings really are is dependent on whereabout on your paddle that they are positioned. As previously mentioned, if the rings are positioned too close to where the paddle enters the water, it could easily pull even more water onto the paddle and resultantly, your legs!

Finding the perfect place to position your kayak paddle drip rings can be quite tricky, and really depends on your paddling style. Our advice is to position them around half a foot, or say a bit less than a paddle width on your paddles pole towards your hands.


The Best Paddle Drip Rings

Seattle Sports – Glow In The Dark Kayak Paddle Drip Rings

These glow in the dark kayak rings from Seattle Sports offer a fantastic opportunity to keep yourself dry whilst you’re out on the water, and in style might we add. The glow in the dark nature of these paddle rings make them perfect for paddling in lower light conditions, too. If you regularly like to get out and about on your boat in the evening and want to keep paddle run-off from hitting you, then these Seattle Sports glow in the dark paddle rings make for the perfect choice.

One of the main points of these seawall drip rings is that they are oversized – they’re larger than the average paddle drip rings which allows them to be able to catch considerably more water than the average, too. They’re made of silicone too, making them easy to move around, adjust in position, or remove should you wish.


Yakattack Kayak Rings – Deep Dish Kayak Paddle Rings

The Yakattack Deep Dish kayak paddle rings are some of the most popular on the market. They’re well priced, and are very effective too. The vast majority of paddle sizes can be catered to by the deep dish rings, with their design being extremely effective for catching and shielding you from as much water as possible when you’re out on the kayak.

The Yakattack kayak rings are constructed from strong rubber that’s not going to crack and burst after getting dropped or exposed to the cold. Even though they’re strong and built to last, they’re still easy to use and handle when on your kayak paddle. In the unlikely event that something were to go wrong, they are even protected by a lifetime guarantee.


YYST – Universal Kayak Paddle Rings

The universal kayak paddle rings from YYST serve their purpose very well indeed. They’re designed to stop water from rolling down the paddle on to you whilst you’re out on the water, and they do just that very well.

A problem that can occur with some kayak paddle rings is that they can slide up and down the paddle as a result of becoming loose. These paddling rings from YYST has been specifically designed so that this is not the case. They provide a universal fit, and have a fantastic level of grip when they’re on the pole of the kayak paddle.

The construction quality of the YYST rings is very high. They boast a high-quality and durable design that is sure to last you for many years of kayaking. They are designed to fit snugly onto kayak paddle between 1 ¼” and 1 ¼”.