Are you or/and your dog feeling bored of that old walk in the woods? Are you looking for something new that you can both enjoy together? Kayaking may well be the very answer that you’ve been looking for.

You’ll find that a lot of dogs will take very quickly to the thought of kayaking, and will in fact love it. Dogs love the water and love being out in the fresh air with their owner – what better a way for you and your furry friend to see some new places in a different way than on a kayak?

In this guide, we’re going to have a further look into kayaks that are best for dogs. Obviously, the points that you should be looking for will differ from a kayak that’s better for 2 humans, for example. In order to make sure that you and your dog have the best possible time on the water, it’s paramount to make sure that you are both first and foremost safe, as well as of course comfortable and relaxed.

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What to Look For In A Kayak For Dogs

As you may or may not know, the market of kayaks is extremely large and has a lot of different styles and types to offer. Each different style of kayak offers its own advantages and disadvantages, be it designed for touring, fishing, or recreational use.

When trying to find the best kayak for you and your dog, if you’re unsure, the best first thing to do is to consider the type of kayaking that you’re most likely to be participating in. For example, if you and your dog would like to take on some rivers and do some white water rafting, then you should first look into that category and then further refine your searching.

Sit On Top vs Sit Inside

If you know the differences between sit on top and sit inside kayaks, you’ll know that sit on top boats offer a lot more space and freedom to those on top. This is since you aren’t restricted by walls of the boat. It is generally considered that sit on top kayaks are best if you’re going to be taking a dog, since they allow you’re four-legged friend to move around and therefore be more comfortable.

The only time that a sit inside kayak may be a better option is if you are taking on some colder conditions, in which case you may want to sit further into the boat with your dog so that you both stay warm.

The Size Of Your Dog

The next important point to consider if you’re new to the market is the size of your dog and how it will affect the boat. For example, if you’re planning on taking a large mountain dog out onto the water, a small and lightweight one-person boat is not going to be sufficient – you’re going to want to look into a larger tandem boat that has a more accommodating load capacity.

The size of your dog will also be one of the factors influencing whether you choose to opt for a tandem or solo kayak. If your dog is large, a tandem kayak is likely going to be more suitable to allow both of you more space. Tandem boats also tend to be able to accept more weight safely than their one-seater alternatives.

Material: Inflatable or Hardshell?

Whether you opt for a hard-shell or inflatable kayak is largely down to personal preference. Both types of boats are suitable for taking a dog out onto the water in since modern-day inflatable kayaks are well designed and are extremely resistant to puncture and deflation.

The main consideration when deciding between inflatable and hard-shell should be the type of water that you’re going to be taking on. If you’re planning on heading out onto rough waters, a hard-shell boat is most likely a better idea.


Ocean Kayaks 12ft Malibu

The Ocean Kayaks 12’ Malibu is one of the most popular kayaks on the market, in a variety of different respects. Being a tandem kayak, the Malibu can take two adults sitting on top, or one adult and a large dog. Alternatively, there’s even some extra space in the middle – perfect if there’s two adults and a smaller dog.

One of the main downsides of tandem kayaks is that they are usually extraordinarily long, and difficult to transport and store as a result. However, at just 12 feet in length and 57 lbs in weight, the Malibu 12’ Tandem is no longer or heavier than a lot of one seater kayaks.

Another extremely important factor when purchasing a kayak to use with your dog is stability. As you’ll know, it is in a dog’s nature to move around more, thus testing the stability of the boat that they’re on. He Ocean Kayaks Malibu tandem is extremely stable, meaning one less thing to worry about when you’re out on the water. In addition to excellent stability, the Malibu tracks very well in a straight line too. Regardless of where you. You’re dog, or your equipment is positioned, you can be sure that the Malibu will track effectively.

Key Points

  • 12’ in length
  • 57 lbs in weight
  • Load capacity of 425 lbs
  • Ample storage towards both the front and rear of the boat
  • Tandem kayak that can seat up to 3 passengers (1 smaller in the middle)
  • Very good stability and tracking regardless of weight distribution

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Ocean Kayaks Scrambler 11

The Scrambler 11 is an 11 and a half foot long sit on top kayak that’s very versatile indeed. It has been designed to be used on a variety of water types, and to make doing so as comfortable as possible for the rider(s).

Thanks to its tri-form hull, the Scrambler 11 is great at doing exactly what it’s designed for. Whether it’s on choppy waters at the coast or calm waters in a lake, the boat will track very well and boasts excellent levels of stability. There’s no doubt that the Scrambler 11 is not designed for touring, however, it’s a boat that handles excellently and safely in a good variety of water types.

In terms of storage space, the Scrambler 11 has plenty of it. There are storage areas at the stern and hull of the boat, both of which have bungee cords for securing any larger items that you may wish to take out onto the water. There is also a locking hatch in the middle of the boat, but it’s not water-tight.

Whilst the Scrambler 11 isn’t a tandem, there’s still room towards the front of the boat next to the storage area that your dog could be very comfortable in. It may be an idea to take something soft to lay down for your dog, such as a blanket or bed for their comfort on the polyethylene boat.

Key Points

  • 11’6.5” in length
  • 29.5” in width
  • Very lightweight at just 47 pounds
  • Ample storage space
  • Various footrests
  • Load capacity of 350 lbs

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Sea Eagle 330 – Large Inflatable Kayak For Dogs

If you’re looking for a large inflatable kayak to take your dog out on, the Sea Eagle 330 truly is a fantastic package. Not only is it extremely large once inflated, but it’s also extremely durable and of course, offers the ultimate ease of storage and transportation.

The Sea Eagle 330 is 11 feet 2 inches in length and 34 inches in width. It’s also able to support up to 500 lbs of load capacity. Despite these large numbers all-round, the 330 weighs in at a tiny 26 lbs and stores easily into a closet or car boot.

If it’s just yourself and your pooch that is heading out on the boat, your dog will even have their own seat! There’s no need to worry about your dog managing to puncture the boat either – the Sea Eagle 330 is extremely durable and constructed from extremely durable inflatable plastic.

Key Points

  • 11’2” long
  • 34” in width
  • Tandem kayak that can sit two people
  • Great for dogs – both comfortable and spacious
  • Load capacity of 500 lbs
  • Excellent stability
  • Very good stability
  • Storage and Transportation is extremely easy, thanks to the 330 being an inflatable

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Sun Dolphin Bali SS – 10ft Kayak For Dogs

The Sun Dolphin Bali SS is a wonderfully versatile 10’ kayak. Even though the Bali SS is a one-seater kayak, there’s still plenty of space on board for your dog – the legroom is ample and there’s more than enough room for the dog to relax and be comfortable. Being a sit on top kayak, neither you or your dog are confined in terms of your movement.

There’s plenty of storage space on the SS too, with storage areas towards the back as well as some space at the front. There’s also a waterproof storage area which is ideal for keeping anything that you’d like dry.

Key Points

  • 10’ in length
  • 30” in width
  • Ample storage – both wet and dry
  • The ideal amount of space for yourself and your furred friend
  • Lightweight at only 44 lbs
  • Load Capacity of 250 lbs

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