Kayaking is a sport which has increased in popularity to a significant degree over the last twenty or so year. This is understandable considering how easily accessible the sport and hobby is for all ages. Along with the fact that the prices of Kayaks have significantly dropped in the price over the same period the barriers to entry to it are at an all-time low. As such I would implore you to consider the 3 key categories to any Kayak review; Steadiness, Sturdiness and last but not least Comfort/Luxury.


The LifeTime Tamarack 120 Kayak for most is considered a great choice with that of anglers due to that of the key features found throughout it. As such kayaks such as this are becoming more and more available due to the increasing market of fisherman using them out on lakes or rivers. As such having storage hatches for keeping fish fresh in ice and specific rod place holders provide any keen angler with a certain hint of luxury and utility to their days fishing. The kayak is also considered very light in terms of this class as it is the same weight as some one-man kayaks when transporting.

Key Features of the LifeTime Tamarack 120 Kayak

Storage Compartments

This kayak contains 2 sections of storage which are located in both the back and the middle of the boat, which are both 6 inches each. These areas offering an abundance of space to keep both that of fishing gear, clothing and if it has been a fruitful day a fish or two. Thus, with the nature of the design being one of a sit-on-top style, goods can be placed underneath that of yourself in the hull compartment for easy access.


Rod Holders

A key feature which has been used previously in LifeTime designs is that of rod holders. As such this has continued into that of the Tamarack 120 where 3 spaces have been assigned to holding rods.  As such, there is one placed centrally within the boat while the other two are located on that of the hull of the kayak.


Free Paddle

Bizarrely enough it can be rare to find a kayak which comes with a paddle included with the price of the boat, but low and behold the Tamarack 120 does! Which adds extra value to that of an already stellar kayak for money. In addition, LifeTime have included with the design of the hull 2 elasticated cords to keep the out the way when it becomes time to start catching all those fish. Although the cords seem flimsy they are providing a secure lock to stop the paddle from going adrift.


Strong Material Hull

The Tamarack 120 has utilized that of a high-density plastic known Polyethylene which provides a certain degree of lightness compared to that of the regular plastic hulls which can be heavy to transport about. The other advantage of such a material being used is that it is easy to clean and is unlikely to fracture if you were to knock into something. The malleability of the material allows for a natural springiness to the kayak which absorbs the shock of impact and distributes it around the kayak.


Adjustable Seat

Finally, an adjustable seat like many other boats provides a sense of luxury to the user of the kayak as with many fishermen, they will spend an extended period of time in the kayak. As such having the ability to adjust the seat as well as that of the footrest in the front provides the owner with better posture, which decreases both that of back pain but also that of tiredness while on the water.


Lifetime Tamarack 120 Kayak Review


Having a perfectly balanced kayak is the key to success where this hobby is concerned and as such the LifeTime Tamarack 120 does not disappoint. With the nature of the type of kayak being that of an angler style, these need to provide a superior amount of stability and steadiness to the user. The Tamarack does utilize several features in order to achieve such an effect which include that of an extra width hull to stop the kayak from turning over easily when fishing or paddling. This helps especially when transferring weight from one side of the boat to the other when casting your rod as the boat is able to compensate for the rapid change of weight from left to right or vice versa. This provides the fisherman with a solid basis for casting and allows for consistent great casts. The other feature utilized in the boat is chine rails which help in further helping in prevent capsizing of the kayak. Finally, the deep grooves in the bottom of the hull help in assisting to keep the kayak straight and prevent the user from having to make changes to their direction every few minutes. Finally, the one negative to be said about the boat is that it is very long and as such making turns can be both time consuming and hard. Though, I guess for the type of boat it is this will very rarely be an issue.



As previously mentioned the boat is most definitely a long-lasting purchase. As due to the materials utilized this kayak with survives many a knock, bump or bruise. As such, the include UV paint coat helps in preventing the boat from losing its color which is useful considering when fishing usually takes place.



Finally, the Tamarack is built for comfort in mind considering the adjustable seat and lengthy size that the boat is. Providing you are not over 6ft 5in this kayak should fit most individuals perfectly due to the alterations and changes the craft allows with its internal components. The storage spaces also assist in keeping fish cool and fishing kit which is not getting used out of the way. The only downside to be said is that of the aforementioned comfortability for larger individuals due to a lack of legroom

Summing Up

All in all, the LifeTime Tamarack 120 Kayak is a great starter kayak for any aspiring fisherman. The stability of the boat is unmatched and the general utility and features of it provide the end purchaser with great value for money product. The only negative which I have found is that of limited legroom for taller users.