You may have been considering buying a kayak, but also realized that you don’t have the storage space nor the means of transporting one. Inflatable kayaks can be an option if this sounds like your set of circumstances. However, you might have your head set on a hard shell kayak. If so, you should be sure to have a look at a modular kayak.

In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at modular kayaks, including what they are, how they work, and why they are good. We’ll also give you some useful information on what you should look for when buying one too, should you decide to.

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What Is A Modular Kayak?

A modular kayak is a kayak that can be split up into multiple pieces. As standard, a modular kayak is divided into individual pieces that connect into one large piece – to make the boat. Some modular kayaks connect together differently to others – the joining’s available are varied.

Although modular kayaks come in many different types and variations, the most popular type is the two-piece single kayak. If you’d like to make it longer, it can simply be added to with additional sections to go in between the two ends.

Just as is the case with most additional single piece kayaks, modular kayaks come in a variety of different styles and designs and order to suit different types of kayaking. Just because the boat can be taken apart and put back together doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as capable as a regular kayak. There is sure to be a modular kayak available to suit your needs.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of modular kayaks, most of which will take a look at later on in the guide. However, since the boat comes in sections that make it able to be added to and removed from, you are able to have a boat that is very much multi-purpose. If you like it could be adapted to carry 3  people, or indeed just one. This can be a major money-saver as well!

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modular Kayaks?

As with all types of kayaks, modular kayaks have features that make them both good and bad and most suited to one person than another.

Advantages of modular kayaks

They are much easier to store and transport – this is definitely a major advantage of modular kayaks. Due to the fact that they can be broken down into a number of sections, they are far easier than traditional hard shell kayaks to store and transport

Their size can be adapted to anything that you would like – since modular kayaks have sections that can be removed and added at your leisure, they are very flexible in that they can be put together in order to accommodate to however many people you would like at one time (within reason)!

Far easier for a single user to move around when out of the water

Disadvantages Of Modular Kayaks

Cost –  due to the relatively advanced design of modular kayaks, a lot are more expensive than their traditional one-piece counterpart would be

They can be more difficult to keep in tip-top condition since there are more moving/fragile parts

Are They Worth It For The Portability? 

In our opinion, whether or not a modular kayak is it worth the portability is purely subjective. Carrying a modular kayak can still be pretty difficult – even a kayak that’s divided into 3 pieces still requires a relative amount of space and transport effort. That said, a large kayak that’s split into 3 pieces is a whole lot easier to carry and move around than a large kayak that’s in one piece is.

In terms of actual transportation though, modular kayaks are great, since they mean that the kayak does not necessarily need to be transported on the roof or outside of your vehicle once it has been taken apart. This is very convenient indeed.

Which Modular Kayaks Are The Best?

If you have decided that you would like to purchase and new modular kayak, we’ve listed below those models that we think are the very best available on the market. For each kayak, you will find information on what we like about the boat as well as a list of key features that each boat has. 

Point 65  Martini – Solo or Tandem Modular Kayak

The Point 65 Martini is a great choice for a modular kayak, for a wide variety of different users. The Point 65 Martini is a very suitable kayak for taking out on a long day’s tour. Being modular, it means that you’ve got a very high-quality hard-shell boat that you can pack away into the boot of your car or truck.

At a tiny 24.1 pounds in weight, this modular kayak is lighter than even some inflatable kayaks! It really is extremely lightweight – it can be very easily carried by one person.

The 65 Martini is a sit-inside kayak, which brings a lot of advantages. This means, to name a few advantages, that you’ll be kept warmer, dryer, and more secure than you would be on a sit on top version. At just over 9 feet long, the boat is very easy to maneuver around to wherever you would like whilst you’re on the water.

Key Features

  • Very high-quality kayak
  • Extremely easy to guide around in the water
  • Comfortable seat and position for those long days on the water
  • Just over 9 feet long, and 15.8 inches wide – it’s great for longer distance tours as well as shorter distance ones in choppier waters

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Point 65 Tequila GTX

The Point 65 Tequila is a kayak that’s extremely easy to transport and use at any location that you’d like. Coming in both solo and tandem variants, the Tequila is a very versatile boat.

The Tequila is very easy to put together and to take apart. It has a well-designed tracking keel that ensures the boat travels very directly in the correct direction. This is a very understated addition to the boat indeed.

At just under 62 pounds, the Tequila is a very light vessel. When it’s been split into its two parts, it really is so easy and lightweight for one person to carry around. As well as being lightweight, the Tequila is extremely tough and sits very well on the water – no matter what the conditions.

It’s a very comfortable place to be too – the seat in the Tequila offers a very advanced level of comfort to the rider. It’s fully adjustable and is very well padded with a honeycomb mesh for comfort.

In terms of extras, the Tequila has everything that you could possibly need. In addition to the comfy seat, there’s a cup holder and adjustable footrests to ensure that you can get into your most comfortable paddling position.

What we love most about the Tequila is its versatility. Not only can it be used as a solo and a tandem kayak, but it’s great for use on so many different types of water. If you’re paddling on water that’s got a fair amount of waves, the Tequila will be just as at home as if it were on calm water in the middle of a quiet lake. It’s fast, stable, and very easy to direct to where you want it to go.

Key Features

  • Very good direction – the tracking keel on the bottom of the Tequila makes a very good job of this
  • Lightweight at 62 pounds
  • Modular
  • Very comfortable – padded and fully adjustable seat
  • Versatile
  • 13ft 8 inches in length

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Point 65 Tequila GTX Angler – Tandem Kayak For Fishing 

If you’re a keen angler that also likes to kayak, what better a combination than the two together? The Tequila GTX Angler from Point 65 is a premium modular kayak that’s been designed for anglers and kayakers alike.

As is the main advantage with modular kayaking, the problem of not having sufficient space is eliminated. Even though this angling kayak is a total of over 13 feet long when fully built, it can be split modularly into three different parts and easily stored in the back of your truck or car.

Fixing the Tequila GTX Angler together is very easy too – it snaps together, making use of “Snap Tap” from Point 65. Joining and unjoining sections of the kayak is very quick and easy. Even though the GTX angler only weighs 77 pounds in total, it can support up to 300 pounds.

Key Features

  • 13 feet and 8 inches in length – there’s plenty of space on board this boat for two people, as well as some additional equipment
  • Very lightweight
  • Can support up to 300 pounds in weight
  • Equipped for fishing – this modular angling kayak is complete with rod holders and plenty of spaces to mount equipment on
  • Rigid and strong – more than capable of standing up to a variety of water conditions

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Additional Points To Think About Before You Buy

How much weight the modular kayak can take – this is an especially important factor to consider before you purchase your new modular kayak. If you’re planning on going out on your new kayak with a lot of equipment or another person, or both, ensure that the total weight that you’re putting on the board does not exceed the maximum recommended weight capacity

the shape of the boat – how long how wide the boaters is extremely important, and should be chosen with consideration of the kinds of water that you will be taking your new kayak on. If you’re a beginner, a kayak that’s long and thin is not recommended as they are more difficult to balance on and are designed for touring. A shorter, wider kayak is much easier for beginners to use.

Sit On Top or Sit Inside – when looking at modular kayaks, you will notice that there are two main different types available. There are a huge number of the reasons why one type might be better for you than the other, what is the generally recommended that sit on top kayaks are used for those that are slightly less experienced – they are easier to use and less likely to capsize. If you would like to read more about sit on top and sit inside kayaks, do you have a look at our comprehensive guide on sit on top kayaks right here.

What do you intend to use your new modular kayak for – if you are planning on using your new kayak for something like fishing, you should make sure that you look at the correct area of the market. There are many different kayaks that have been specifically designed for different hobbies and sports, such as fishing.