If you are after the perfect kayak for which you can have fun out on the water, where you might turn your hand to fishing or just paddling? Then there is a few things you might want to consider before to dive on in. Do these include the questions of where will you be paddling? Will it be on a calm lake? Or will it be a slow-moving river? Do you need storage to put your valuables?

As such these are all important questions that need to be answered prior to purchasing a kayak and that is where we come in. We have a range of reviews contained within our website which cater all the way from 9-foot recreational kayaks to 15-foot expedition kayaks. We cover them all!

Thus, you are after an 11-foot recreational kayak with a small amount of dry storage and a hell of a lot of all round fun. Then please take a look below at our review of the Ocean Kayak Caper!


Are You The Perfect Fit For The Ocean Kayak Caper?

The Ocean Caper kayak is an 11 foot kayak that is aimed at those who are looking for sit-on-top style recreational boat. As such this craft is compact, sturdy and fast on the water. Thus, being only 11 foot and using lightweight materials it is the perfect yak for those who want to be able to easier transport the boat for A to B without issue.

The Caper also benefits from being adaptable in terms of what location it can be used in. As it can be paddled on calm lakes and also harsher conditions such as sea bay kayaking, the Ocean Caper kayak will hold its own in both situations.

I would say that if you are looking to go on expeditions with this kayak it is not advised, we suggest if this is the case that you take a look at your own section on 15-foot expedition kayaks.


Specifications Of The Ocean Kayak Caper

  • Length: 11 foot
  • Width: 31 inches
  • Weight: 47 pounds
  • Weight Capacity of Kayak: 325 pounds
  • User/s: Single
  • Type: All round recreational kayak


Main Features Of The Ocean Kayak Caper

The Ocean Kayak Caper is a simplistically designed kayak but does have several kayaks of life features that do aid the overall kayaking experience. This starts with the seat which is molded to the kayak.

Although this sounds like it would be uncomfortable it is surprisingly not the case the back support and bum cushion provide enough comfort that you will never struggle sitting unless you have been in the kayak for an extended period of time. However, if you do not wish to use the back support seat then it can be removed and replaced by a more comfortable option.

The kayak also has built-in molded footwell to position your feet on while paddling in the kayak. These do a job but we would prefer if they had more grip and were potentially adjustable. But, we can see the appeal of them as unlike adjustable foot braces the likelihood of them breaking is inconsequential.

The Hull of the kayak is another key feature to point out it is designed similar to that of a tri-form, so it is perfect for amateurs. As this style offers amazing stability while out on the water resulting in the Ocean Kayak Caper being able to handle both flatwater well and rougher sea water.


Advantages of Ocean Kayak Caper 11

  • Glides well on the water
  • Performs great on all types of water
  • Design aids itself to all users
  • Ample storage
  • Waterproof areas for electronics
  • Lightweight design for ease of transport


Disadvantages of Ocean Kayak Caper 11

  • No adjustable foot braces
  • Limited options in terms of adjustability for the seat
  • Could benefit from further waterproof areas


Storage Features of The Ocean Kayak Caper

For a recreational 11 foot kayak, the Ocean Kayak Caper has a surprising amount of storage. Both the stern and bow of the boat are utilized to provide some form of storage for the user whether that be a tank well or a dry hatch.

Thus, firstly I would like to identify that the kayak as a large tank well found the rear of the kayak which provides a significant amount of space to place fishing gear or a day bag. Similar to other tank wells it does feature scupper holes to empty excess water out and also has bungee cord mesh to secure the cargo within the tank well in the event you do capsize.

At the front of the kayak is the dry hatch which has been waterproofed by means of a rubberized seal on the lid. There is plenty of space for valuables and a small change of clothes but that is as far as I would go with regards to space in this area. Regardless have a dry hatch on this style of kayak is a great addition and is definitely a defining point of this kayak when compared to other similar kayaks in the market.


Can The Ocean Kayak Caper Be Used As An Angler Kayak?

It is also worth saying although this kayak is not mainly to be used as an angler boat. The folks at Ocean Kayak were kind enough to include to rubberized rod holder either side of the seat for those that want to try out fishing in this kayak. I would say that a couple of small additions such as gear mounting rails would turn this kayak in somewhat of a mid-range angler kayak quite easily.


Summing It Up

For those that want a reasonably priced, all round kayak then I think the Ocean Kayak Caper would be a great option for you. It is a simple design kayak but includes a small number of features that aid the quality of life of the user while out on the water. The lightweight design makes for easy transportation and the durability and stability of the kayak means it is suitable for a wide range of locations.