Identifying the correct angler kayak can be a nightmare if you do not know what you are looking for. The process can be one which is time-consuming due to the vast number of brands and different types of kayaks for which you can purchase. So, we at have put together a comprehensive list of what we have found to be the best kayaks for each different type of activity. As such, below you will find our in-depth review of the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Kayak which we found to be an excellent choice for veteran anglers alike.

For those wishing for a study and stable fishing kayak then look no further! This meets the criteria and exceeds it with ease.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Specifications

  • Length 13ft 4in
  • Width: 28in
  • Weight: 56lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 450lbs

Angling kayaks are a great purchase for any keen fisherman, but you must know exactly what you are looking for in terms of necessities. As such understanding where you going to conduct your fishing is key? Alongside this, considering how much storage you will need though this could be dependent on how long you plan your fishing trips for.

Considering the size of the kayak you wish to purchase is also a major factor as with the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 being thirteen feet in length it does make for transportation to be rather difficult if not equipped with the correct truck or car trailer.


Features Of The Ocean Kayak Prowler Angler Kayak 13

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler is a sit-on-top style kayak which is 13ft in length. The kayak is designed with angling in mind and is considered one of the more popular boats in this field. This is due to its excelling in both speeds for its size and abundance of features to make fishing that bit easier for the purchaser.

The design of the kayak is as previously mentioned with angling as its top priority. But the kayak does provide versatility in the form of being able to be used as a recreational boat for casual paddling, but this is not recommended as there are plenty other cheaper alternatives to this. However, the Prowler 13 does set itself apart as it does handle itself well in a range of different scenarios ranging from calm rivers in lakes to that of choppy sea angling this kayak is as resistant as they come.


Stability: As Smooth as Butter

Though the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler is not the widest kayak is does perform well in terms of stability due to the design of the hull. As aforementioned the boat does handle rougher waters well and that of choppy ocean waves. With it being more streamlined in the water than other fishing kayaks it does have an easier time when paddle, as it does cut through the water well and as such gaining speed, is an easy task resulting in less fatigue when traveling over long distances for two or three-day trips.

An abundance of Storage Compartments

There is nothing that a fisherman likes more than storage for that of fishing gear or extra clothing or potentially camping gear. As such the Prowler 13 Angler Kayak does not lack in this field.

At the stern of the kayak is an inserted storage area which is large enough to hold a backpack or potentially a cooler. Anything that is stored in this area would be secured down by that of the mesh bungee cords which are attached safely to the hull, and which can be adjusted to fit different sized shapes and sizes of transporting goods.

In the center of the kayak in the cockpit area, just in front of the seat, there is a hatch which is waterproof lined. The size of the hatch is 6 inches which would be perfect for any small valuables that you need to keep handy. These could include, keys, mobile phones, fishing licenses.

Finally, in terms of main storage compartments, there is a sealed and waterproofed area which is a click seal hatch. This is definitely one of the largest we have seen on the test and for those which wish to secure gear safely and keep goods dry then this potentially is the perfect kayak for you.


Additional Key Angling Features

Alongside these storage areas, the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 provides paddler holders for each side of the kayak in order to secure the paddle when angling out on the water. This keeps it out of the way so that it provides more movement to the user and keeps the paddle from being lost in the water.

Additional features to note are the two mounted rod holders which are flush to hull and are located behind the seat. There is also a cup holder which can be found in the center of the cockpit for easy access to a good brew on a cold winter’s day fishing trip.


Comfort On The Water

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 does provide a lot of comfort to the end purchaser which should be expected considering the price. This starts with the kayak’s seat which adjustable in four different directions which should be sufficient for most sizes of people. The seat also provides extra comfort in the form of the foam-covered seat back to help cushion the users back.

The Prowler 13 further provides comfort in the form of cushion thigh pads to protect from chaffing and give the user extra endurance on longer trips. The only downside we have to this kayak in terms of comfort is that the foot braces are not adjustable and are molded instead which is rather disappointing considering the price. However, the adjustability in other areas such as the seat does make up for the downside


Summing It Up

All in all, the Ocean Kayak Prowler would give any veteran angling a great day out on the water. The versatility of the kayak is second to none and it does provide an extensive list of features which aid in helping the user in angling performance. As such I would happily recommend this kayak to anyone who is an experienced kayak angler looking for those extra comforts to make the day or days more enjoyable.