Knowing what kind of fishing kayak you want prior to purchase is a very tricky business. As such we at are here to help. We have picked out what we feel are the best kayaks among several brands and have produced a range of reviews for them. These reviews look at the positives and negatives of each kayak, all while describing the best features and specifications on the boat.

As such please read below our review of the Perception Pescador 10 as it may be the kayak for you!


Before Purchasing A Fishing Kayak

Prior to purchasing a fishing kayak make sure you are aware of the criteria you require from the kayak. This could be the storage capacity, the kayaks fishing features or potentially the ability to mount your own fishing gear to the hull. These are very important questions to ask when considering the perfect kayak for you.


Specifications Of The Perception Pescador 10

  • Length: 10ft 6in
  • Width: 32in
  • Depth: 14in
  • Weight: 57lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 325lbs
  • Type of Kayak: Sit-on-top
  • User/s: Single

Design Of The Perception Pescador 10

The Perception Pescador 10 is a great option for those that require a sit-on-top angler kayak. It’s designed so that it is stable on the water due to the wide width of its hull at 32in. This allows for the user to either sit or stand when angling depending on their preference.

The length at 10ft helps also with stability all while being maneuverable enough for its size. This is also helped with weight of the kayak being 57lbs which is relatively lightweight for this category of kayak.

The main design feature which sets this apart from other standard fishing kayaks is the Pilot Drive pedal system. The way this works is via engaging or disengaging a key system level to release the external rudder in the hull of kayak while bringing up the lightweight pedal system.

This provides the user with effortless hands-free movement. The Pilot system uses an optimized gear ratio which gives the user enough endurance to conduct a day’s trip comfortably. The system has the ability to go either in a forward or reverse motion all while being controlled via a low profile, easy-grip rudder steering handle which is flush to the side of the kayak.

The propeller flaps are customized so that they keep noise and turbulence to a minimum when out on the water.

Though this all sounds bulky, the storage of the Pilot pedal system is compact and is easily stored under a scupper hole.

If you are looking for the ability to give your arms a rest, prior to arriving at the perfect fishing spot I would recommend the Perception Pescador 10 and its Pilot pedal system, it will easily allow the user to conserve energy in their arms to use when casting or reeling in catches.


Top Fishing Features Of The Perception Pescador 10

The Perception Pescador 10 is jam-packed full of key fishing features starting with a fishing transducer scupper hole. This allows for the cables to placed and stored safely while on the water and in use. The design of the kayak also includes a storage area for the cables which leads nice onto the Yak attack gear mounting rail where you could place the electronics needing for the transducer.

Alongside the fish transducer, the Pescador 10 has 4 rubberized molded rod holders which are flush to the hull. These can be located, two behind either side of the user’s seat and are easily accessible.

As previously mentioned, there are two gear mounting rails which are either side of the cockpit flush to the hull and can be used to mount swivel rod holders or fish transducers.


Storage Features of The Kayak

This kayak has storage options to secure all the fishing gear needed for a day trip out on the water.

At the bow of the Perception Pescador 10, there is a waterproof locker to store any valuables that you might need to keep safe while out on the lake or at sea. There is ample space for small backpacks, tea flasks or other important fishing gear.

Towards the stern of the boat, there is a holding bay to place coolers or another kit that might not fit in the waterproof locker. Anything which is placed in this area is secured by means of bungee mesh tie downs which will safely store it and keep it within reach of the user.

Although there is a good bit of space within this kayak it does not in our opinion make use of all the space available when compared to similar models in the 10ft category. Therefore, we would recommend this to be a day trip kayak rather than an expedition trip as it does not have the storage capacity areas to cater to this style of use. Please have a look at our other recommendations and reviews for sit-on-top kayaks contained within the website this might provide better alternatives with greater storage options if this is a crucial requirement.


Comfort Features Of The Pescador 10

The Perception Pescador 10 is a basic kayak in terms of comfort additions but saying this it is a comfortable day trip kayak. The seat provides enough comfort so that you don’t get out at the end of the day with a stiff back.

This is due to the adjustability of the chair in the cockpit which has both forwards and backward movement to cater to those of different heights and body types. The adjustable chair combined with the foot braces provides a comfortable ride where the user should feel secure when paddling or pedaling within the Perception Pescador 10.

The only negative we identified in our testing was that the seat could be improved through further padding to both the back piece and the bottom area. This would help in improving user longevity when out on the water. But, saying this there are add-ons which can be purchased for next to nothing which can be used.

Summing It Up

The Perception Pescador is a great option as a sit-on-top angler kayak. With good functionality and innovative design, they are definitely on to a winner. We at would happily recommend this as either a recreational or fishing kayak for those at any level of experience. The ease of use and lightweight design along with the adjustability of the seat means that it will be suitable for most users.