Before making the decision to purchase the Pelican Catch 120, you must consider a few important questions. Firstly, what is the purpose of the kayak? Will it solely be used to fish? Or will it be utilized to paddle around the lake leisurely? With these questions taken into consideration, the Pelican Catch 120 might just be your perfect kayak.


Specifications of the Pelican Catch 120

  • Length: 11 foot 8 inches
  • Width: 34 inches
  • Depth: 15 inches
  • Weight: 69 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds


Considerations Prior to Purchase of a Pelican Catch 120

As previously mentioned, identifying what your needs and wants are for kayak are essential to the purchasing process as without these decisions being made it can be hard to find a kayak best suited to the end-user due to a large number of kayak brands and types out there. As such, if the predominant use of the kayak will be for fishing then the Pelican Catch 120 could be the ideal choice due to the comfortable features and extra luxuries found in and around the kayak.


If this is not the sole use, I would suggest looking at our other sections regarding recreational kayaks which are tailored for more general use and will tend to be more inexpensive. It should also be stated at this point that the Pelican Catch is a one-person kayak and will not suit those which are wanting that of a tandem vehicle.


Pelican Catch 120 Key Features

Before we say anything else, this boat is fishing kayak powerhouse. It is 11ft and 8in in length and is built with the sole purpose of angling in mind. Alongside this fact, the design of the kayak is that of a sit on top which helps in ensuring that of stable kayak while out on the waters all while provide many different means of storing fishing gear and fish! In the class of fishing kayaks having a hull which has a width of 34in is seen to be very substantial and beneficial further in the field of stability of the boat.

However, with the kayak being such a size it does struggle in terms of turn speed as well as straight-line speed due to how big it is. As such if you wish for something more manoeuvrable this kayak may not be the ideal one for yourself.


Pelican Catch 120 Fishing Features

With a total capacity of 400 pounds, this kayak has an abundance of storage options to count. From the large storage area in the back of the boat which is secured with a bungee cord mesh. To the waterproof storage container at the bow of the kayak, there are plenty of places to store fishing gear, snacks, lunches or other equipment you may need on a trip. Thus, we would happily say this kayak provides enough space to keep you on the water all day providing you bring enough supplies.

Within the hull of the Pelican Catch 120, you will find molded rod holders which have the capability to tie them down to prevent them from being lost in the water of the lake you are fishing on. Alongside these, there are two-rod holders which are flush to the hull of the kayak.

The kayak also has the ability to secure the paddle to the side of the boat when not in use to give you extra freedom of movement and space. The addition of both a water bottle holder and an angler ruler is very much welcomed and applauded as small things like these can make the difference in comparative tests between kayaks.


However, with the Pelican Catch 120 being such a high level of specification in terms of the fishing kayak the lack of mount for a fish finder is disappointing though I assume this could still be possible but would require extra work and custom fittings.



We at doubt that we have found or seen a more comfortable kayak than that of the Pelican Catch 120. This kayak was designed with comfort at the forefront of the designer’s mind as with such a spacious seating platform and ergonomically designed chair this kayak is the Rolls Royce of its industry. The chair has the ability to be adjusted to be either lower or higher to that of the hull which can be beneficial to those either small or taller side which can have an affecting on casting.

We also found that if the chair is height is put to its maximum then it provides enough space to place extra items underneath the seat. Other benefits to the chair include the fabric being breathable and easy to clean and that it is collapsible for easy storage when transporting to and from sites.

Finally, Catch 120 provides the user with adjustable foot braces which can slide forward or back to enable a comfort paddle and increase the endurance of the user.



As previously stated, the Catch 120 does have a very wide hull even in its class, meaning that it will handle most water conditions with ease providing the user with a solid basis when casting on either rough water or that of flat. The kayak is so wide that it if you do need to stretch your legs you have the ability to stand and paddle on the boat with both safety and comfortability of the anti-slip carpet on the top of the kayak. I would recommend this, as it helps in maintaining blood flow to the legs while out of the water for extended periods of time.



As to be expected by the designers at Pelican, the materials used in the building of the Catch 120 are none other than the best of the best. The hull is made of a multi-layer polyethylene and then coated with a special resin to give it a glossy but tough finish which provides both better rigidity than bog-standard polyethylene hulls. Further to this fact, Pelican offers a lifetime warranty on their products and are willing to repair or replace broken hulls if they are sub-standard.