The Perception Pescador 12 is a high end recreational and sport designed kayak. Which is the perfect option for both beginners and experts. This kayak is relatively easy to master and comes in at a decent price point considering the features that come with it. The Pescador 12 is crafted in such a way that this kayak will last you for hopefully a lifetime.

This kayak is ideal for either angling or recreational use due to its unique shape and features attached. The front end is raised as such helps break surf and keep the Pescador 12 gliding through the water. However, it should be mentioned that this kayak can be used for both sea or lake use as it tends to be an all-rounder.

As such those looking for purchasing a kayak that performs both the duties or an angler kayak and a recreational one such invest in reading what we have to say about the Perception Pescador 12 kayak.


Specifications Of The Perception Pescador 12 Kayak

  • Length: 12 feet
  • Width: 5in
  • Weight: 64lbs
  • Capacity: 375lbs
  • Users: Single
  • Type: Sit-On-Top


Design Of The Perception Pescador 12

The sit-on-top design of the Perception Pescador 12 caters itself to both the recreational and angler kayak market. As it does have quite a wide hull built for the purposes of angling. All while the length of the kayak at 12 feet provides the much-needed length to glide on top of the water.

The weight of the kayak is such a major factor in this respect and at roughly 50 pounds the kayak could still fit into either camp.

The kayak just oozes versatility and for either individuals and families who are looking for such a trait I would highly recommend looking into this kayak further.


Features Of The Perception Pescador 12

With the versatility of the Perception Pescador 12 described above, it is only right to display why this is the case. This starts with a wide range of features that the kayak has to offer in the form of either adjustable seating or storage options.


Comfortable Seating

The seatback located within the hull is built in such a way that it provides a sensible level of ergonomic support to the user. This helps in improving the posture of said individuals which then pushes up the overall endurance time while the kayak is in use. The seat is cushioned so that the user does not find it uncomfortable after a long period of time and tends to molds itself to their shape to again assist with posture. It also reclines both forwards or backward ford depending on your personal preference.

Alongside the seat, the footrest is also adjustable to reach the comfort point for the user. This assists in accommodating paddlers of heights, weights, and sizes to have the correct position within the kayak while in use.


Paddle Holder

Located at the side of the kayak is a paddle holder. This does as it says on the tin, keeps your paddle in place and prevents it from floating away while out on the water. This feature is extremely useful in situations where you might be rigging a line or having to utilize both hands. Gone are days of having to precariously rest the paddle across your lap hoping and praying it does fall off and that your balance and coordination are that of God!


Flush Rod Holders

Behind the seat are two flush-mounted rod holders, again very similar to the paddle holder these do what they say on the tin. They are rubberized to prevent the rods from falling out and are a must for any avid angler. This is due to the ease at which a line can be rigged or a fish can be detaching from the line which placed in the rod holder. Similar to the paddle holder gone are the days of holding a rod between your thighs and getting fish slime all over your cargo shorts.

Alongside the rod holders, there are a series of gear tracks either side of the kayak hull which are the perfect option for mounting fishing related gear. This can include fish transducer scanners, camera mounts or swivel rod holders the options are endless in terms that you are able to pick and choose what you wish to use on the kayak. Thus, displaying yet again the versatility of the Pescador 12.


Storage Options

The storage options contained within the Perception Pescador 12 are vast and they all start with the rear of the kayak. Found at the back is the oversized tank well of your dreams. It is perfect for holding rucksacks, day bags, ice coolers or anything else you throw at it. The Perception Perscador 12’s tank well is secured by means of bungee cord which is interwoven between each side of the hull. This provides a snug and secure fit of objects which tend to be either large or awkward in shape. It is also worth mentioning that the tank well does contain scupper holes to easily drain the area if needed.

Found in the middle of the kayak is a big essential on any kayak a storage area for beverages, mobiles or keys. This is molded so is slightly disappointing considering the price at which it could have been rubberized but nonetheless it does do the necessary job

Finally, located at the bow or front of the kayak is the waterproof hatch which is a decent size for a 12-foot kayak. It has ample space and is waterproofed by means of a rubber seal around the inside of the door. It easily locks in place and does feel sturdy but we would have like to have seen maybe a lever a mechanism to secure the storage in case of the kayak capsizing.


Summing It Up

Thus, if you are after a kayak which is flexible, versatile and sturdy in nature that goes no further. The Perception Pescador 12 fits all those requirements and more. This kayak is the perfect two in one yak which caters to those who wish to go fishing while also use the yak recreationally. The yak is built with this in mind and does not cater itself to either market heavily but allows for customization and additional attachments to dictate what the user wishes for it.