Understanding and identifying what is available with the fishing kayak prior to purchase can be a difficult task. Not only for experienced anglers but also recreational enthusiasts. As such gaining assistance from individuals who have knowledge of comparative products and who have expertly weight up the positives and negatives of each vessel is more than advantageous.

Thus, we at Bestkayakreviews.net pride ourselves on bringing consumers quality reviews on many top of the line products whereby we dive in and critique the good and bad of each kayak to build a full picture.

This does not change with the big brother in Perception’s Pescador range whereby the 12-foot kayak provides both space and comfort galore.

Please take a look at our in-depth review below whereby we establish the benefits and key features of the Perception Pescador 12!


Before Purchasing A Fishing Kayak

It is important to note that when purchasing a fishing kayak that you understand what you are looking for. As such, making sure that you know which criteria and what specifications you require for the fishing kayak are essential.


Fishing kayaks especially it is important to note that features such as comfortable seats which are adjustable can be considered by many experienced kayakers as an essential, but this may not be the case for you. It is therefore helpful to compile a list of requirements that a kayak needs to fulfill for your personal needs. With everyone review we do, we try to keep everything transparent and clear by using bold headings which help describe what to expect from each feature found within each of kayaks.


Specifications Of The Perception Pescador 12

  • Length: 12ft
  • Width: 32.5in
  • Depth: 14.5in
  • Weight: 64lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 375lbs
  • Type of Kayak: Sit-on-top
  • User/s: Single


Design Of The Perception Pescador 12

The design of the kayak by the team at Perception has been amazing on this kayak. Similar to its smaller brother the Pescador 10, this is a sit-on-top fishing kayak which has stability and balance at the core of its design. Like the 10 foot, the 12 foot has a very wide hull of 32 inches which allows for the user to move about the kayak with easy and balance. This is very good when it comes to either standing or sitting while fishing which is both an option for the user and obviously depends on their preference.


It can also be said that with the kayak being 12 feet this results in even more stability than the 10-foot version with the added bonus of being easier to paddle. The greater length also allows for more storage space within the Perception Pescador 12 and makes it capable of carrying heavy loads. The length of the kayak provides greater tracking while on calm waters, while also being able to move faster with less effort as the ability to glide farther is increased with each stroke taken.

You would think that this would be harder to paddle due to the size and weight (67lbs) but this couldn’t be further from the truth, the length gives the user greater stroke efficiency meaning less energy and effort is used, resulting more endurance in the long run.


Pilot Drive Pedal System

One of the main design features which we felt needed a section of its own is the Pilot drive pedal system which provides arm’s free movement while on the water. The system is pretty effortless due to the optimal gear ratio and is very lightweight within the kayak. The Pilot drive pedal system is engaged through the use of a key system which locks it into place while in use.

When not in the pedal system is store between the feet in the middle of the cockpit where it is compactly placed under the hatch with scupper hole. The system provides both forward or backward motion and steering is performed via a low-profile handle found on the side of the hull. This is adjoined to the rudder system at the back of the which changes the direction of the kayak.

The propeller is located in a stowaway hold under the hull and when in use collapses out, the flaps are built especially for the kayak and prevent turbulence and excessive noise while out on the water.

This design of kayak is the ideal choice for those who no longer have the power they once have in their arms and wish to still be out on the water regardless. It also provides an alternative to those who are on an expedition if they require a rest from paddling extensively.


Top Fishing Features Of The Perception Pescador 12

This kayak is filled to the brim with plenty of great fishing features for which four rubberized rod holders is the first of many.

The Perception Pescador 12 also has a scupper hole for those that wish to use a fish transducer. It comes with a dedicated storage area for cables that come with it to safely and securely store them while on the lake or river.

The kayak also comes with gear mounting rails which can be used to place and mount the fish transducer or other electronics. Other than that, it does make the perfect place for a swivel rod holder spot which is easy to reach and use while fishing.


 Storage Features of The Kayak

The Pescador 12-foot kayak has plenty of options when it comes to storage starting with a waterproof locker which is an ample size at the bow of the kayak.

Found at the back of the kayak, is a tank well which is one of the biggest we have seen on test there is not much that this area couldn’t hold for day trips or longer. Items stored in this area are secured with bungee tie-downs. Also located in the center of the kayak is the all-important cup holder perfect for that cold can of BudLite.


 Comfort Features

The Perception Pescador 12 is minimalistic when it comes to that of comfort options. Though, they do make up for that fact with the extensive list of fishing features we do feel there is more to explore with regards to making the user feel more comfortable during long journeys.

However, they do provide a reasonably comfy adjustable chair which is combined with adjustable foot braces to ensure that you ideally positioned when paddling within the kayak.