Fishing isn’t just to survive anymore – it’s quite the opposite. Going on a fishing trip is an entire experience, not a necessity. There are so many different ways to go so many different types of fishing – the possibilities are truly endless. If you’ve never been kayak fishing, then you’ll have no idea of what you’re in for. If you have, then you’ll be understandably very keen to find the best kayak for fishing!

Sit on top fishing kayaks come in a variety of types and specifications. There is no one type that’s better than the other – it’s truly dependant on your personal circumstances and what your preferences are. If you’re looking for a kayak that’s fit for two people, you’ll be looking at a completely different area of the market to what a person that’s looking for a single person deep-sea fishing kayak is.

The market of sit on top fishing kayaks is very large – we hope that by the end of reading our comprehensive guide that you’ll be informed on what kind of sit on top fishing kayak is best suited to what you need.

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What Should I Think About Before Buying A Fishing Kayak?

Your Kayaking Experience

How experienced a kayaker you are should influence the style of boat that you should be purchasing. If you’re a more experienced kayaker, you’ll know that the width of the boat affects its stability considerably. It’s not advisable for less experienced kayakers to purchase thinner vessels as they can become much harder to keep upright should the going get rough.

All of the previous being said it should be remembered that it’s not like you’re going to be doing a lot of white-water kayaking if any when you’re fishing. A fishing kayak should be a wider sit on top kayak, for a number of reasons. If you’re sitting out on the open water and the waves increase, it’s good to be in a boat that allows you to stay as still as possible. Due to the fact that fishing requires movement to cast, it’s also a good idea to have a wider boat to ensure that you’re as stable as possible. Your kayak could also become easily unbalanced if you’re trying to reel in a large fish – wider boats are always the better call for fishing stability.

Kayaks that are specifically designed for fishing are always slightly wider – this is a good thing and should be used to your advantage.


Why Are Sit On Top Kayaks More Suited To Fishing?

As you may or may not know – there are two different types of kayaks that are available – sit inside and sit on top. Sit on top kayaks are by far the most popular in the world of kayak fishing, and for many reasons:

They have more room to store your gear/fish – sit on top kayaks have a lot more space and are airier. Your hands and legs aren’t confined to the width of the boat

The comfort of seating position – in a sit-inside kayak, it’s impossible to sit on the side of the boat for example. You’re pretty much refined to one position and that’s it. However, a sit on top fishing kayak allows you to move around, and to dangle your legs off of the side of the boat if you so, please. This can make the whole fishing experience much more comfortable and pleasant.

Drainage – if you’re fishing from a kayak, particularly out at sea, they can very easily and very quickly become filled with water. Sit on top kayaks have drainage points built-in, that automatically drain any water that comes into the boat. This saves you a lot of time and heartache whilst fishing. It also means that your equipment and boat stay dry.

Whilst sit inside kayaks do offer their advantages too, we much prefer the idea of a sit on top kayak for fishing purposes.


What Are Our Most Recommended Fishing Kayaks?

Bluewave Hunter Sit-on-Top Pro Fishing Kayak – A High-End Fishing Kayak

If you’re looking for a kayak that is designed to be your ultimate fishing companion, look no further than this beast from Bluewave. It has been constructed to cater for fisherman that are serious about their angling.

This kayak has been designed with a number of features to make your fishing experience as smooth and as engaging as it can be. It’s got a good number of different rod holders, as well as mounts that you can place various items of equipment on.

Storage is ample in the Bluewave Hunter too, with storage compartments towards the front and rear of the boat. For any keen angler that’s looking for a quick-moving, efficient sit on top fishing kayak, it’s the one to go for.

Some of the key features of the Bluewave Hunter include the four standard rod holders, as well as a more specialized rotating rod holder that allows for easier positioning of the rod that makes it easy to fish in different locations quickly.

This kayak has a steering system that’s controlled by the feet too, meaning that you can keep your hands free for tying knots and casting. There are 10 drainage /scupper holes in the bottom of this kayak too – even if you’re out at sea and there’s a fair bit of water coming in, you can be sure that it won’t be weighing you down for too long.

At just over 10 feet long, it’s not too difficult to transport and move around. It can take up to 396 pounds of weight too – considering this kayak only weighs 77 pounds, this is pretty impressive indeed.


Wido Aquago Fishing Kayak – For Comfort on Longer Fishing Sessions

The Wido Aquago is another one of our favorite sit on top fishing kayaks. It’s not just designed to be a great boat for an angler, though. It’s designed to be the ultimate fishing vessel for comfort and relaxation, especially on those longer trips.

There’s plenty of room and capacity for yourself and equipment on this boat. It can carry up to 130kg of weight, and only weighs 24kg. It’s got a rated load capacity of almost 6 times its weight!

Even though this kayak features some nice features such as multiple rod holders and cup holders, these are not the selling feature of this boat. What really brings the Aquago into its own light is the comfort that it is able to offer the rider. Any user of this boat will ride in extreme comfort, due to the fully adjustable and removable EVA foam seat. This foam is designed to be as comfortable and as easy to sit on as possible for the longest periods of time – great for long fishing trips. There’s also ample legroom in the Aquago. As you’ll know if you’re a regular kayaker, there’s nothing worse than being stuck on a boat that you can’t stretch your legs on!

Being a sit on top fishing kayak, this boat’s extremely easy to get in and out of. It’s very easy to move around too, since it only weighs 24kg and has 4 handles that make it very easy to carry. If you’re in the market for a fishing kayak that is going to provide you with maximum comfort and a very cool aesthetic, you’d be struggling to find a better option in our opinion!


Concept Kayaks Angler Explore – A Very Easy To Use Pedal-Powered Fishing Kayak

As far as compact and easy to use sit on top fishing kayaks go, this model from Concept Kayaks is a great piece of kit. It’s lightweight, and its sleek design means it can travel very easily and very quickly through the water.

This isn’t just any pretty boat though – it’s got a lot of special features including its own pedal and rudder system. The advantages of pedal-powered kayaks are huge, most particularly for anglers. If you’re interested in pedal powered fishing kayaks, do be sure to check out our guide on pedal kayaks too. In brief, a good pedalling and steering system ona kayak allows you to keep both of your hands free for the large majority of the time that you’re out on the water. As a fisherman, this is extremely important for obvious reasons.

This Concept Kayak is an extremely durable and hardwearing boat too. It’s made with high quality yet lightweight material that is both tough and resistant to damaging UV rays. This boat comes with a lifetime warranty too, in the event that the worst were to happen.

When you look further into the features this boat has to offer, it’s easy to see why it’s loved by anglers – there is literally nothing else that Concept could have crammed onto this boat in terms of features and accessories that are useful to an angler.

If you’re planning on using a fish finder or similar device, the drainage holes in this boat allow enough space for a transducer to be used. There are multiple storage areas on this kayak too, with areas for both wet and dry storage. The storage area towards the rear of the boat is secured with bungee cords, and there’s a hatch towards the middle of the boat.

In terms of ride quality, the hull of this kayak has been designed to be short and as efficient as possible to move around on the water. The front of this Concept Kayak is beautifully slim, and has been shaped to allow it to move through rougher water with absolute ease.


Bluewave Crest Solo Sit On Top Fishing Kayak – A Fishing Kayak For A Great Price

The Bluewave Crest offers a wonderfully inexpensive way into fishing and kayaking. It’s an extremely versatile kayak and is more than suitable for usage on a variety of water types. Whether or not you’re looking for a kayak for the occasional short fishing trip or you’re looking for one that’s going to keep you comfortable all day – the Bluewave Crest has you covered!

If you are indeed going to use the Crest for fishing, you won’t find yourself in a shortage for features or comfort. There are five normal flush rod holders on this boat and an additional one that’s mounted on a swivel that makes for extremely versatile fishing.

For storing your items, there are 3 different options aboard the crest. For more valuable items and those that you just don’t want to get wet, there are two different water-tight storage options – one towards the middle and one towards the hull of the boat. At the rear of the boat, there’s a larger storage areas with bungee cords to secure your load – a great area for keeping your catch if you’re lucky enough!

The Bluewave Crest is a very comfortable place to be indeed. It’s got an extremely comfortable padded seat, which is truly a pleasure to be in. It can take up to 120kg of weight too. It only weighs in at 21.5kg, so isn’t heavy to move around when it’s not in the water.

There’s little more to say about the Bluewave Crest apart from that, we believe it’s the best sit on top kayak that you’ll get in this price range – by a considerable mile. T’s extremely buoyant, comfortable, and is even roto-moulded meaning that it’s strong and well-made. You don’t need to worry when water gets into the boat either – there’s numerous scupper drainage holes. For the price of this boat, it’s hard to see why anyone feels the need to look elsewhere!

After You’ve Chosen Your Sit On Top Fishing Kayak 

If you’ve chosen the sit on top fishing kayak that you’re going to purchase, aftercare is just as important as choosing the right boat in the first place. If you’d like your new kayak to last as long as it can, always remember to take the appropriate care measures to ensure that it does. For example, if you go for a pedal-powered boat, ensure that the system is properly maintained. If you go for an inflatable option, always make sure it’s properly dry before packing it away.

We hope you have great fun fishing and kayaking – there are few better ways to spend a day!