Whether you are just beginning your journey as an amateur kayaker or having been paddling for the best part of your lifetime. One thing that all who participate in the sport can agree is that having a kayak that is robust, sturdy and reliable is essential.

Otherwise, it will cause you to worry about safety issues and the fear of injury which reduces the pleasure of the sport!

As such, Sun Dolphin pride themselves on producing robust kayaks which last for extended lengths of time and if you ask around at your local club, I am sure many others will agree with our viewpoint.

This is no different from Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 as within this article we at bestkayakreviews.net will impart the key advantages and disadvantages of this kayak.  While identifying who is the target market for this boat is and whether it is suited to you.


Specifications of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

  • Length: 10ft
  • Width: 2ft 6in
  • Capacity: 40lb
  • Users: 1
  • Hull Material: Fortiflex® High-Density Polyethylene

Why Choose the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10?

If you are someone who is looking to purchase a small kayak for use on lakes or potentially rivers then the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is an ideal choice. Coming in at a relatively inexpensive price the Aruba 10 comes with everything you would expect for a basic small kayak. It won’t both you away with features, but it will in terms of its value for money, durability, and weight for transporting.

I would tend to recommend this kayak for amateurs starting out on their kayaking adventures as for many expert yakers this will be too basic in what it offers. I would even go as far as to say this would be perfect for those who own a lake and want something for their children to paddling in which is both secure and safe.

The other aspect to consider is the size of the boat although it is light the kayak is small and therefore anyone over that of 5ft 10in would struggle to feel comfortable in a boat this size. Nevertheless, this kayak will last for a long time due to both the design and the materials used during manufacturing and combined with the fact that it is ideally used by those who are infrequent paddlers.


Key Features of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

The design of the Aruba 10 caters itself towards providing both solid trackings as well as that of turning. The kayak also has a built-in storage compartment which is located at the stern of the kayak which could be utilized to store either extra clothing or water and snacks for long trips. The compartment is further secured by bungee cord rigging which prevents it from slipping out if the boat has capsized.

The Aruba 10 also provides comfort features such as adjustable foot braces which help provide better posture for users to ensure a comfortable paddle. The kayak is also very lightweight comparatively as 40 pounds it is very easy to transport to and from the water. All in all, this kayak has all the necessary features in order to function at solid level and provide plenty of hours of fun for the end-user.


Advantages of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10


As with all of Sun Dolphin’s kayaks they utilize some of the best materials around and nothing has changed with the Aruba 10. The hull has been built using a polyethylene which is of a high density to prevent from small bumps and bruises that may occur on the water. With hull being as very thick, if you do happen to have it out with a rock the likely hood of cracking the hull of the kayak is very minimal due to sturdiness of it. The hull material helps in providing natural flexibility to kayak which when knocks occur, disperses the kinetic energy generated around the boat. In addition, Sun Dolphin provide a manufacturers’ warranty of two years which will cover against poor build quality in which they will replace or repair the broken elements.



The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is hot stuff when on the water! Due to the small size of the craft, it has the ability to slice through the water and turn with ease. This is further instigated by the choice in design as with having both a tapered front and back the kayak does indeed cut neatly when turning and is quick to build up momentum in speed.


Easy Transportation

With the kayak only weighing 40lbs it is very light to point that you can lift comfortably with one hand! Thus, transporting the kayak is a breeze, its small length and width provide a ready fit for most flatbed pickup trucks and also lifting up on top of a car are without difficulty.



As with discussing the advantages above, we must identify what some of the issues are with the kayak and what compromises have been made. However, with all these cons it can be said for some with a little bit of DIY work they could be solved.


The seat located within Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 to us at Bestkayakreviews.net uncomfortable after spending an extended period of time within it. As such, if you are planning on using this kayak all day, we would recommend either reinforcing the existing padding with further protection to increase the levels of seat comfort or replace the existing seat altogether.


Limited Storage Options

It is great that such a small kayak does have storage space built into the hull of the boat. But it does not get away from the fact that the storage compartment is small and would suitable for storing only that of a handbag-sized item. As such, this would not be suitable for purchasers wish to buy an angler kayak as it neither has the storage capacity or the features needed. Thus, it is a great basic kayak for paddling around but will not break the boundaries of kayak engineering. However, we feel that you will be hard beat to find a better kayak that gives you such value for money.