Sun Dolphin established their brand in 1982 when it was a small family business that manufactured 2-person pedal boats. But over time they have expanded and grown into the biggest manufacturer of kayaks in North America. They are still proud to say that they still make all of their products within the same town near Lake Michigan.

All their products are homegrown, and their business is integrated from front to back allowing full control over the end product. This has created a lasting brand which is identifiable within the kayak market for both QUALITY and VALUE!

Thus, nothing has changed with the Sun Dolphin Bali SS, it is a stalwart product amongst their range of recreational kayaks. Which can be described as affordable, durable and long-lasting thanks to the materials utilized in their creation.

Please if you are interested in finding out more about what the Sun Dolphin Bali SS has to offer in terms of features and performance you will find more information via the headings below.


Before Purchasing A Recreational Kayak

It is important to note prior to purchasing a kayak what you are wanting to use it for? As depending on the answer to this question. We at can assist in directing you towards the most appropriate product that we have reviewed.

This is no different when it comes to recreational kayaks, for most that are wishing to purchase one some of the key requirements are, all-round performance, value for money, accessible use for the whole family and easy of transportation. All of which will be discussed in detail later on in this article but for now we will outline the specifications found on the Sun Dolphin Bali SS.


Specifications of Sun Dolphin Bali SS

  • Length: 11ft 4.5in
  • Width: 29.5in
  • Depth: 15.75
  • Weight: 44lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 250lbs
  • Type: Recreational
  • User/s: Single

Design Of The Sun Dolphin Bali SS

The Sun Dolphin Bali SS sit-on-top kayak is designed with durability in mind. At 11ft it is a relatively spacious kayak with plenty of legroom. This is further shown through the width of the kayak being 29.5 inches in diameter. For its size, it is comparatively lightweight which should ease the stresses of transportation.


Materials Of The Kayak

As with most of the Sun Dolphin line, the hull has been made using a high-density polyethylene compound. This helps in providing a long-lasting hull which will stand the test of time and be able to absorb bumps and knocks better than most.

The hull is also covered in a UV protection paint which helps reduce the amount of discoloration which can occur when the kayak is on the water for long periods of time.

It is also worth noting that Sun Dolphin do run a limited lifetime warranty on their hulls which prevent against those which are faulty. But, this is for fixed parts and not those for which are detachable.

Sun Dolphin do tend to provide a wide range of colors to suit the tastes of all different customers as they know the recreational kayak market is massive. As such the usual colors which they offer include the following: Red, green, blue, pink or orange but there are others within the range.


Top Features Of The Kayak

This kayak is packed full of great features for its price. Starting with that of the paddle holder where you can park your paddle when it is not in use. This is particularly helpful in situations such as angling or photography where both hands are needed. The holder is secure and will prevent the paddle from float away.


Comfortable Seat And Adjustable Foot Braces

The Bali SS with its spacious sit-on-top design does provide a pretty comfy seat. We would say that it is good to sit in for several hours but would not recommend any more than six. The seat is adjustable in areas and alongside this, the foot braces are as well.

This is to give that extra bit of traction and comfort to those who find they slip down in kayaks due to their height. Sun Dolphin has done a great job making sure that whatever size you are the Bali SS will accommodate your dimensions.

As a side note, we have stated in the specifications section that this is a single rider kayak but we found that with it being a recreational kayak. This could mean it is used by a family as such you would comfortably be able to carry a small child at the front of the boat. If you do so wish at your own risk.


Storage Options On The Sun Dolphin Bali SS

Well, what can we say? For the price being paid this kayak does provide a heck of a lot of space to store gear of day trip items.


Bow Of The Kayak

At the bow of the kayak, there a lower tank well which provides a space to place items of small description. This might be useful for items that you need to keep on hand. These goods would be secured via the mesh bungee strings which cross to provide the security to the goods.

In the middle of the Bali SS there is a center console which has small recesses for things that you may require to keep close by you. The console also has a waterproof hatch for protecting items such as fishing licenses or mobile phones. It also has a cupholder which is the perfect shape for must flasks or bottles.

Stern Of The Kayak

Finally, contained within the stern of the Sun Dolphin Bali SS is the Portable accessory carrier or P.A.C. for short. This can either stay in the kayak or can be towed along behind to provide a further space within the kayak. As we said this boat does not skimp on places to store gear and essentials.

The P.A.C if towed, would then free up space which would act as a secondary tank well which again would be secured by the use of mesh bungee tie-downs. Perfect for coolers, camping gear or daysacks. As such, this area provides utility and versatility for the end-user


Summing It Up

Thus, we would thoroughly recommend the Sun Dolphin Bali SS to may purchasers who are looking for all-round performance without the price tag. The kayak performs well in the water and has an extensive list of features which ease both transport and use.