Finding the best kayak to suit your needs is one of the most difficult tasks as with so many different types and brands it can be hard to identify what the best fit is for you. We hope that our review of the Dolphin Journey 10 SS will help you make that clinical decision.


As such the Dolphin Journey 10 SS is a sit-on-top angler kayak built for fishing in mind. The design of the boat does mean that protection during both the colder months and that of a windy day may be less. It may also be worth considering the type of water that you wish to kayak in as hull shapes can vary and as result, this kayak might not be for you.

However, the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS is pack full of great features and was clearly built from the ground upwards to catering towards that of the angler market. The kayak brings together both comfort, luxury and dependability all into one boat.

As such if you are after an Angler kayak which is great value for money, but alongside this also easy to transport to and from your truck, you should potentially read further into our review of the Dolphin Journey 10 SS.



  • Length: 114.5” or 291cm
  • Width: 29.5’ or 75cm
  • Weight: 44lbs. or 20kg
  • Capacity: 250lbs or 113kg
  • Hull: Polyethylene


Key Features

Storage Compartments

With the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS only being 10 feet long it still has a ridiculous amount of storage options that are shocking, to say the least for a kayak its size. The main storage compartment can be found behind the seat which is useful for anything you wish not to get water as the seal surrounding it has been waterproofed.  This storage can also be detached, and the space left behind can be used as extra storage! There is also another space located at the front of the boat through this area is smaller.

However, both utilize bungee cord rigging which is there to help secure any items stowed within. Besides this, there is a further small locker which is found at the bow of the kayak. Last but certainly not least the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS has a holder area for a cup which can be found right in the center of the boat just in front of the seat. An ideal location for any coffee cup or canteen on a colder winters day, this area is well within reach of the user and cup are ensured to stay secure in place while bringing in a catch (hopefully).


Rod Holders

With any angling kayak, a must-have is rod holders and needless to say this boat has an abundance of them. As such, there are two mounted behind either side of the seat which is flush to the hull of the boat. Both these holders are deep enough to for any decent-sized rod to feel secure within. Alongside this Sun Dolphin decided in there design for the Journey 10 SS to including swiveling rod holder which they placed in the center of the kayak towards the front of the boat. This unique position allows for a for the user to keep a centered mass while fishing and thus keeping stability while in the kayak.


Adjustable Seat and Foot Braces

The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS also has the functional feature of an adjustable seat which not only provides the user a comfortable place to sit in the kayak but also help get rid of the potential for back issues due to user’s poor posture. The adjustable seat allows for anyone to be able to paddle and fish. This in addition to the adjustable foot braces allows for that sense of luxury and pizazz that other kayaks in this class may be missing. All in all the Journey 10 SS will certainly provide you with the necessary comfort needed on those long voyages across lakes and along rivers hopefully giving you that extra bit of endurance.


Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Kayak Review


This kayak will not have a single problem when it comes to stability similar to other kayaks in this class, they are made so that in rougher waters there is less of a likelihood that they flip out. As such this is due to how wide the hull is in the water, which helps in dispersing the user’s weight across the boat which results in a stable center of mass when angling.



The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS is one of the strongest and most resistant kayaks out there thanks to the high-quality plastic materials they utilize within the design of the kayak. The use of polyethylene helps in keeping the overall weight of the boat down all while making sure that it does receive damage from a collision it will not come off bad. Secondly, Sun Dolphin has coated this kayak in a Fortiflex formula which helps in preventing UV light from damaging the color of the kayak while out on the water for long periods of time.



 It may not be the case of being a deckchair in the tropics, the padded seat and seat back provide enough comfort for a half-day trip or longer. The fact that most of the internal seating components are adjust does help you find that perfect position on top of the kayak as alongside this the foot braces are adjustable. The added luxury comes in the form of cushioned thigh rests which prevent that owe so ever-abundant thigh rub you get off most plastic hulls which can cause irritation and redness.


Summing It Up

What a kayak the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS is! This boat is packed full of goodies for many a keen angler to take advantage of from the swivel rod holders to the generous amount of storage thanks to the detachable back compartment. This kayak has it all and as such, this would be perfect those both experienced in this field and novices.