If you’re a big person, there’s no need to worry about purchasing a kayak. Finding a boat that’s going to be able to accommodate bigger guys is no problem at all, as long as you know what you’re looking for. IN this guide, we’re going to go through some of the most important points to keep an eye out for on kayaks for big guys. We’re also going to provide a full and comprehensive buyers guide that will review the best kayaks for big guys that are out there today.

In terms of the points that we’ll be focussing on, obviously the load capacity that the boat can take is going to be at the top of the list. Bigger people are inevitably going to be heavier, and therefore selecting a boat that can safely accommodate extra weight without hindering performance is important. That said, load capacity is not the only factor that’s important in a kayak for bigger guys. Things such as space on board, and the size of the seat are also important for comfort.

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Brooklyn Kayak Company RA220 – Good Fishing Kayak For Big Guys

The BKC (Brooklyn Kayak Company) RA220 is without doubt, one of the best fishing kayaks available for big guys. The kayak is excellently kitted out with a number of additional comfort and convenience features, not to mention those that add to the overall performance and usability of this fishing kayak for big guys.

The RA220 has a large amount of space for the paddler, making it ideal for sitting on top of as a larger person and still having a lot of space left. In addition to this, one can also stand up on the BKC RA220 – if you’re a fisherman, you’ll know that this is often required in order to cast appropriately. Having a kayak that allows you to do this is extremely useful. This BKC kayak is also fitted out with a number of additional fishing accessories including rod mounts and a paddle holder to the right of the seat.

Storage on board this kayak for big guys is good too. The RA220 features both wet and dry storage. There’s plenty of room for equipment on top of the boat, as well as waterproof storage that’s great for keeping your valuable items protected and out of harm’s way.

Key Points

  • 11’6” in length
  • 34” in width
  • Weighs 68 lbs once out of the water
  • Load capacity of 450 lbs
  • 1 seat
  • UV Protection to make sure the colour of the kayak is maintained, even when out in the sun
  • Stable and can be safely stood upon

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Lifetime Manta 10Ft – Tandem Kayak For Big Guys

The Lifetime 10ft is a very good option for big guys. Since it’s a tandem, the boat can easily accommodate two adults, or instead one larger adult. It’s got good storage areas, and is therefore ideal for taking any extra equipment that you might want.

Why is this kayak so particularly good for big guys though? That’s simple, even though the Lifetime 10ft only weighs in at 60 lbs, it can support a massive load capacity of up to 500 pounds! This is more than enough capacity for one large adult and a lot of equipment, or two moderately sized adults.

This Lifetime boat has integrated backrests that are comfortable and supportive. It’s also got a number of different footrest positions in front of each seat, meaning that getting into your most comfortable position is easy to do, even with larger legs. This boat also excels in stability.

Key Points

  • 10 feet long
  • 36 inches wide
  • Short and wide dimensions make the boat’s stability excellent – perfect for bigger guys
  • Large load capacity for boat’s size of 500 lbs
  • Can be used as either a solo kayak or tandem kayak
  • Comfortable for those longer trips
  • 5 year warranty period provided

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Intex Explorer K2 – Inflatable Kayak For Big Guys

The Explorer K2 from Intex is a great inflatable option for big guys. Not only does it have a large weight capacity of 350 lbs, but it’s also a tandem and can carry up to 2 passengers. If you as well as your gear that you’re taking out on the water is close to this weight limit, the boat can be easily used as a one-person too.

In terms of what the K2 I particularly good for, it’s a great recreational kayak. This means it’s the perfect boat for leisurely cruising around on calm waters – taking the K2 into rougher waters is not recommended.

The K2 is great for comfort in terms of space to move around and seating. The backrests on the comfortable inflatable seating can be adjusted, to make sure that you can find the most comfortable position to be in, regardless of your height or size.

Portability and storage are two areas in which this Intex Explorer K2 absolutely excels. Being an inflatable, the kayak can be deflated down into a fraction of its inflated size, allowing it to easily fit inside the trunk of a car, and similarly a cupboard or even large drawer at home.

The K2 is great in terms of durability too. The material used on the K2 ensures that it is as resistant as possible against punctures, whilst still being lightweight, comfortable, and easy to handle. In the unlikely event that you do manage to puncture the boat, it comes provided with a puncture repair kit.

Key Points

  • 10’3 in length
  • Good weight capacity of 350 lbs – can easily accommodate one large adult plus gear or two smaller adults
  • Perfect for recreational use
  • Comfortable with inflatable seats and adjustable backrests
  • Extremely easy in terms of portability and storage
  • Great stability and tracking thanks to the detachable skeg

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Perception Pescador Pro – Advanced Fishing Kayak For Big Guys

The Perception Pescador Pro is an ideal kayak for big guys. Not only is it spacious and comfortable, it’s also packed full of features that are bound to all be of use to you when kayaking at some point.

The Pescador Pro has a slightly smaller load capacity than some of the other options that we’ve reviewed here in the best kayaks for big guys. This, however, doesn’t mean that it isn’t suitable. The Pescador Pro can still support a considerable 375 lbs of weight – given that it’s a solo yak, this is still a great amount of weight for a larger person and some equipment.

This Perception is 12 feet in length and just under 33 inches in width. As a result of these dimensions and the wide hull, the boat is very stable since it isn’t too long and thin. Transporting and storing the Perception Pescador Pro at different locations isn’t too much of a challenge either, given that it’s 12 feet long and only weighs a tiny 57 pounds when not in the water.

This kayak also includes a good number of features. In addition to the comfortable mesh seat that’s great for staying dry, the Pescador Pro has accessory rail for the easy mounting of equipment, and an adjustable seat. There is also a great amount of storage space on board the Perception Pescador Pro.

Key Points

  • 12 feet in length
  • 32.5 inches in width
  • Good load capacity of 375 lbs
  • Aesthetically pleasing and can be bought in a variety of different colours
  • Not heavy at 57 lbs
  • Well kitted out with additional accessories
  • A great amount of storage space

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Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 – Sit On Top Fishing Kayak For Big Guys

The Ocean Kayak Prowler is one of the most well-known kayaks around, and not without good reason either! It’s a fantastic kayak in many respects, one of which is that it’s accommodating and great for big guys.

In addition to being great for big guys since it can support up to 325 pounds, the Prowler is able to handle a good variety of water types. It can be used for recreational kayaking on calm water just as well as it can be on rougher waters.

The Ocean Kayak Prowler is even able to tour a good bit better than others in its class, given that it’s 13 feet in length and quite narrow at 28 inches in width. Despite these streamlined dimensions, the Ocean Kayak Prowler is still very well reviewed in terms of stability. Travelling for longer lengths of time on board the Prowler is both easy and comfortable.

Transporting and storing the Prowler isn’t too difficult either. It comes with good carry handles for moving it around, and isn’t heavy at 56 lbs. On point to consider though is that the kayak is 13 feet in length and this cannot be shortened! Whilst this is great on the water, you’re going to need 13ft worth of space when travelling with and storing the boat.

Key Points

  • 13’ long
  • 28” wide
  • Good amount of storage space
  • Great for fishing
  • Good for big guys, with a load capacity of 325 lbs
  • A long and streamlined design makes it great for touring, as well as comfortable shorter trips
  • Well suited to a variety of water types/situations
  • Kitted out with features for fishing including two rod holders

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Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120

The Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120 is a sit on top kayak that’s great for bigger guys. The styling of sit on top kayaks is far better for bigger guys in most instances, given the fact that they are far more open on top and allow for more space and body movement. If you’re a bigger person, the last thing you’re going to want is to feel claustrophobic and like you’re stuck inside a small boat.

Stability on board the Skipjack is great – being 12 feet in length and 32” in width, the dimensions mean that it’s steady on the water and not at all easy to tip over the wrong way. The boat is in fact so stable that one can safely stand on top of it whilst fishing – great for casting to get to those fish a bit further away.

Comfort is abundant on the Skipjack 120. It’ got an extremely comfortable and adjustable seat, and has a massive load capacity of 500 pounds, which is more than enough for a large person as well as a very respectable amount of equipment.

In terms of storage, the 120 is great. It’s got ample bungee storage at the back of the boat for your largest articles, as well as two dry hatches that are perfect for keeping any items that you would like to keep safe and dry just so.

Key Points

  • 12 feet long
  • 32 inches wide
  • Extremely stable
  • Load capacity of 500 lbs
  • Excellent amount of storage
  • Flexible – the 120 is great on different types of water
  • Easy to handle
  • Relatively easy to transport and store, at only 12 feet in length and 72 pounds in weight