This kayak is an impressive piece of engineering and we are happy to say that this would you make perfect kayak for anyone he’s an avid angler and wishes to pursue their interest further.

Native watercraft has built this kayak with great care and attention to the end-user. As such the features found on the kayak are ones for which will be used to a great extent and will improve the overall quality of life that the angler uses this kayak has.

This kayak is unique in that it’s a pedal kayak meaning that it does not require paddling from the user. Instead, it is power through a cycling-like system which can be found in the center of the kayak. This gives the user effortless movement in both forwards and backwards motions and is useful for those who wish to keep their hands free for other tasks while out on the water.

These kinds of fishing yaks are ideally suited to those who may be struggling with upper body strength. As most do consider kayakers to have a strong core and arms. If this is not the case then yes, please read and find out more about the joys of a pedal kayak and what the Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 has to offer


Specifications Of The Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 Fishing Kayak

  • Length: 305cm or 10ft
  • Width: 86cm or 34in
  • Weight without add-ons: 62lbs
  • Weight with add-ons: 81lbs
  • Capacity: 400lbs

Design Of The Slayer Propel 10

At 10ft, the Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 Fishing Kayak is a compact and reliable kayak. This is what most who have either purchased or used one will say alongside that it is one of the most stable kayaks for its size on the water. Standing up although the daunting prospect is a breeze in the Slayer Propel 10 due to the 34in width of the hull which has been modified for a tunnel-like design. The chances of you falling out while standing up are very slim within this yak!!!

As previously mentioned the design of the kayak revolves around the fact that it utilizes the Propel Pedal Drive System which uses rotational bicycle-like pedals to move the kayak forwards or backwards. Through the user’s power this is then transferred into the propel found underneath the hull which that rotates to move easily through the water.

To control the kayak Native Watercraft design a left-hand rudder control system which is used by moving the lever left and right to turn the kayak in the direction you wish it to go. The rudder’s materials and design have been tested extensively to prevent damage as it can be considered to be impact resistant.

Other key design features include a narrow bow entry which helps improve the tracking of the kayak and further enhanced through the manufacturing of the rudder protective keel


Top Fishing Features Of The Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10

Native Watercraft has pulled out all the stops in designing the kayak for angling in mind. This starts with three flush-mounted rod holders which are located behind and to the right of the seat. This gives the user somewhere to store their rod which either rigging a line or detaching a fish from it. Users no longer have to fumble around with their rod between there legs!

The kayak also utilizes several accessory mounting rails throughout the kayak these can be found on the sides of the hull in front of the seat, in front of the pedal drive system and at the stern of the kayak either side of the tank well. These provide plenty of space to mount key accessories such as swivel rods, camera mounts or fish transducers. I would recommend therefore invest in such products if you wish to purchase this kayak as they do come in very handy.


Storage Compartments

For a 10 foot kayak, the Slayer Propel 10 does have more enough space to house gear for a day trip out on the water. The waterproof hatch found at the front of the kayak is very useful for items that you are not going to use while on the trip such as camping supplies or a change of clothes.

At the stern of the kayak, you will find a relatively big tank well which is more than capable of storing either a cooler or a 70l rucksack. The added addition of the mesh bungee cords helps in providing peace of mind while out on the water. As they do give enough security to the goods being stored in that they are secure and provide ample safety.

Found within the tank well is another small hatch, which is not massive. Personally we don’t feel it adds much in the way of storage options as there is plenty of space elsewhere. It does, however, provide good access to the internals of the hull.


Comfortability Aspects Of The Kayaks Design

This aspect of the kayak is where it comes into its own. From comfy seat to the premium deck padding this kayak has it all. Native Watercraft has certainly put a lot of thought into the design of their comfort aspects and have taken extreme care with the little details.

As such the seat is super comfy and adjustable as it is mounted on railings which can be moved back in forward with two screw knobs. The seat is also hand sewn with an adjustable inseam.

Furthermore, the deck padding is of premium design and is non-slip to prevent falls while standing up on a wet kayak.

The carry handles attached to either side of the kayak are padded in order to make moving the kayak from site to truck an easy and stress-free process.


Summing It Up

This is an impressive kayak with a long lineage of successful brother and sister models which have proven the test of time. From the sturdy design of the kayak to its abundance of features pertaining to fishing and comfort the Propel 10 has it all. For someone who is looking for a relaxing hands-free kayak with all the bells and whistles then look no further than the Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 fishing kayak.